• Albert A. Buehlmann
  • E. Rudolf Froesch

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  2. A. A. Buehlmann
    Pages 1-31
  3. A. A. Buehlmann, P. Lichtlen
    Pages 33-80
  4. A. A. Buehlmann
    Pages 81-85
  5. P. G. Frick, P. W. Straub
    Pages 87-128
  6. W. A. Scheitlin, A. A. Buehlmann
    Pages 129-153
  7. A. A. Buehlmann
    Pages 155-168
  8. A. A. Buehlmann
    Pages 169-174
  9. E. R. Froesch
    Pages 175-180
  10. E. R. Froesch
    Pages 181-221
  11. E. R. Froesch
    Pages 223-260
  12. M. Schmid, M. Knoblauch
    Pages 261-315
  13. G. Baumgartner
    Pages 317-386
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 387-403

About this book


No doubt, there are many ways to practice "good" medicine, whatever this may be. Forty years ago the history, observation, and clinical examina­ tion of a patient led to diagnosis and therapy. Since then, we have learned a great deal about the biochemical and physiologic processes in the human body and about the pathogenetic mechanisms by which they are disturbed and lead to disease. Today, the basis of clinical judgment and patient management is the understanding of pathogenetic mechanisms of disease. This concise and basic text of pathophysiology introduces the medical student to the basic pathophysiologic mechanisms. Each chapter begins with a short outline of the general physiologic and biochemical principles of an organ, a system, or a metabolic process; their possible derangements are described, with empha­ sis on the more important and more frequently occurring diseases. Although the primary purpose is to convey a basic understanding of clinical medicine to first-year medical students, many students have used this book as a convenient reference up to and after graduation.


Hydra Pathophysiologie biochemistry bone central nervous system circulation erythrocyte leukocyte lymphoma metabolism pathophysiology physiology regulation respiration tumor

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