Pathology of Laboratory Animals

Volume I

  • K. Benirschke
  • F. M. Garner
  • T. C. Jones

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxii
  2. Kenneth M. Ayers, Sidney R. Jones
    Pages 1-69
  3. James L. Stookey, James B. Moe
    Pages 71-113
  4. Harold W. Casey, Kenneth N. Ayers, F. R. Robinson
    Pages 115-173
  5. Harold M. McClure, Willie L. Chapman Jr., Billy E. Hooper, Frederick G. Smith, Oscar J. Fletcher
    Pages 175-317
  6. Bernard S. Jortner, Dean H. Percy
    Pages 319-421
  7. Marilyn P. Anderson, Charles C. Capen
    Pages 423-508
  8. Norval W. King
    Pages 509-580
  9. Svend W. Nielsen
    Pages 581-618
  10. George Kelemen, Charles H. Kircher
    Pages 619-662
  11. J. Carroll Woodard, Charles A. Montgomery
    Pages 663-887
  12. Walter F. Loeb, Robin M. Bannerman, Bonny F. Rininger, Anthony J. Johnson
    Pages 889-1050
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 1051-1104

About this book


Laboratory Animal Medicine has made enor­ We deeply appreciate the efforts of each of the mous strides in the 47 years since R. Jaffe published authors and co-authors of the 23 chapters in this his "Anatomy and Pathology of Spontaneous Dis­ two volume work. In some instances the reader will eases of Small Laboratory Animals" in 1931. So note what appears to be repetition in certain chap­ ters. This repetition was allowed to stand in some much new information had accumulated that in a cases because different approaches seemed useful, new edition in 1958, Jaffe, aided by Cohrs and Meessen, needed the assistance of 46 colleagues to although efforts were made to delete most of the do the subject justice. Like its predecessor, this two redundancy which inevitably arises in a venture of volume comprehensive treatise on "Pathologie der this kind. We will be grateful if our colleagues point out errors and send us specific and general Laboratoriumstiere" was written in German and criticism of this work to allow corrections in the thus not readily available to the widening circle of event of reprinting or a next edition. veterinarians and pathologists who now are inter­ One objective has been to assemble current in­ ested in laboratory animals. Aside from the need to have a comprehensive formation in the pathologic aspects of diseases of review of laboratory animal pathology in English, laboratory animals.


Calcium Lipid RNA Vitamin D anatomy bacteria embryo histology kidney metabolism mutation pathology protein skin tumor

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