Physical Modalities in Dermatologic Therapy

Radiotherapy, Electrosurgery, Phototherapy, Cryosurgery

  • Herbert Goldschmidt

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Robert O. Gorson, Margit Lassen
    Pages 1-16
  3. Lawrence W. Davis
    Pages 17-26
  4. Frederick D. Malkinson
    Pages 27-38
  5. Arthur H. Gladstein
    Pages 39-48
  6. Robert I. Rudolph, Herbert Goldschmidt
    Pages 49-64
  7. Herbert Goldschmidt
    Pages 65-84
  8. Lawrence W. Davis
    Pages 85-90
  9. Arthur H. Gladstein, Alfred W. Kopf, Robert S. Bart
    Pages 95-121
  10. Helga Hauss, Albin Proppe, Herbert Goldschmidt
    Pages 122-138
  11. John L. Fromer
    Pages 139-145
  12. Stefan Lukacs, Herbert Goldschmidt
    Pages 146-154
  13. Mark Allen Everett
    Pages 155-160
  14. Mark B. Hollander
    Pages 161-172
  15. Henry M. Lewis
    Pages 173-184
  16. Hugh M. Crumay
    Pages 185-186
  17. Hugh M. Crumay
    Pages 187-189
  18. Hugh M. Crumay
    Pages 197-199
  19. Hugh M. Crumay
    Pages 200-202
  20. Hugh M. Crumay
    Pages 203-227
  21. Isaac Willis
    Pages 228-235
  22. Farrington Daniels Jr.
    Pages 236-244
  23. Leon Goldman
    Pages 245-256
  24. Hugh M. Crumay
    Pages 257-261
  25. Hugh M. Crumay
    Pages 262-269
  26. Setrag A. Zacarian
    Pages 270-281
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 283-290

About this book


A number of vital therapeutic modalities are not covered adequately in current dermatology textbooks. This book is intended to fill that gap. It originated in a series of special lectures on modem applications of physical modalities given at recent annual meetings of the American Academy of Dermatology; the main topics were radiotherapy, electrosurgery, phototherapy, cryosurgery, and related therapeutic modalities. The authors, recognized authorities in their field, have included much addi­ tional information which could not be covered in the original lectures because of time limitations. The indications for modem dermatological x-ray therapy reflect the basic views of the recently published guide lines of the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council. Both text and illustrations are oriented toward the practical aspects of therapy with physical modalities. A special effort was made to bring the contributions up to date; pertinent references have been added for those who wish to pursue particular topics still further. Where there is an apparent overlap between chapters, it was felt to be advantageous because different authors approached their subject from different perspectives. I am most grateful to the various authors who generously contributed despite their many other commitments. I wish, also, to thank the staff of Springer-Verlag for their advice and assistance in the preparation of the manuscript.


Elektrochirurgie Hautkrankheit Kryochirurgie Lichttherapie Strahlentherapie X-ray radiation therapy radiotherapy skin disease surgery therapy

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