Ambulatory Electrocardiography

Holter Monitor Electrocardiography

  • Edward K. Chung

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Ambulatory (Holter monitor) electrocardiog­ understand the clinical situation. Diagrams and raphy has been one of the most essential and tables considered to be clinically pertinent are most useful noninvasive diagnostic tools in the also shown. In some instances, the clinically field of cardiovascular disea~e in the past decade. important electrocardiographic rhythm strips The primary indication for ambulatory obtained in our Emergency Room and Cardiac (Holter monitor) electrocardiography is to Clinic are illustrated. The exercise electrocardio­ document any cardiac arrhythmia, particularly grams (treadmill stress ECG testing) are in­ when the rhythm disturbance occurs transiently cluded in cases in which they are clinically or intermittently. The Holter monitor electro­ useful. cardiography has an equally important role in In General Considerations, indications, the the evaluation of various symptoms, such as proper approach to interpretation, and tech­ nical aspects, as well as lead systems of the dizziness, syncope, chest pain, and palpitations, which may be related to cardiac rhythm dis­ Holter monitor electrocardiography, are dis­ turbances. In addition, the Holter monitor cussed. The value of Holter monitor electro­ cardiography is compared with that of the electrocardiography provides useful information exercise (stress) ECG test. The Appendix for the diagnosis of transient myocardial is­ chemia and the evaluation of anti-arrhythmic summarizes the material by way of 11 tables. This book will be of particular value to all drug therapy as well as artificial pacemaker primary physicians, including family physicians, function.


Elektrokardiographie Herzrhythmusstörung cardiovascular electrocardiogram (ECG) electrocardiography

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