Atherosclerosis V

Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium

  • Editors
  • Antonio M. GottoJr.
  • Louis C. Smith
  • Barbara Allen
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxix
  2. Plenary Session: Cardiovascular Surgery

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-2
    2. David C. Sabiston Jr.
      Pages 8-16
    3. Workshop: Coronary Bypass Surgery

    4. Workshop: Epidemiology of Atherosclerotic Lesions

      1. Jack P. Strong, Yuichiro Goto
        Pages 52-53
      2. W. B. Kannel, Paul Sorlie, Frederick Brand, W. P. Castelli, P. M. McNamara, G. J. Gherardi
        Pages 54-56
      3. Lars A. Solberg, Sven Chr. Enger, Ingvar Hjermann, Anders Helgeland, Ingar Holme, Paul Leren et al.
        Pages 57-62
      4. G. N. Stemmermann, G. G. Rhoads, T. Hayashi
        Pages 63-66
    5. Workshop: Drug Treatment of Hyperlipidemia

      1. David Kritchevsky
        Pages 71-73
      2. J. P. Kane, P. Tun, M. J. Malloy, R. J. Havel
        Pages 78-82
      3. A. N. Klimov, L. G. Petrova-Maslakova, G. G. Chetchinachvili, L. M. Tchichatarashvili, V. A. Nagornev, V. F. Tryufanov
        Pages 83-85
      4. Anders G. Olsson
        Pages 86-89
      5. C. R. Sirtori, G. Franceschini, M. Sirtori, G. Gianfranceschi, A. Poli
        Pages 90-93
    6. Workshop: The Arterial Wall—I

      1. Abel Lazzarini Robertson Jr
        Pages 103-111
      2. Colin J. Schwartz, Ross G. Gerrity, Eugene A. Sprague, M. Robin Hagens, Carol T. Reed, Daniel L. Guerrero
        Pages 112-120
      3. Jack L. Titus, Donald G. Weilbaecher
        Pages 126-129
      4. C. W. M. Adams, O. B. Bayliss-High
        Pages 130-132
      5. H. Sinzinger, K. Silberbauer, W. Auerswald
        Pages 140-143
    7. Workshop: Lipid, Apoprotein and Lipoprotein Origin and Synthesis

      1. Barry Lewis, Richard J. Havel
        Pages 144-145
      2. Godfrey S. Getz, Rick Hay, Catherine Reardon
        Pages 156-159
      3. Robert M. Glickman, Peter H. R. Green
        Pages 160-163
      4. Robert L. Hamilton
        Pages 164-167
      5. David B. Weinstein, Roger A. Davis, Sheldon C. Engelhorn, Daniel Steinberg
        Pages 168-172
    8. Workshop: Lipoprotein Structure

      1. Germán Camejo, Lilian Socorro
        Pages 176-179
      2. Richard L. Jackson, Marja-Riitta Taskinen, Nobuo Matsuoka, Thomas J. Fitzharris, Judith A. K. Harmony, Howard G. Muntz et al.
        Pages 180-183
      3. Gerhard M. Kostner, Peter Laggner, Helmut Hauser
        Pages 184-188
      4. Joel D. Morrisett, Richard K. Stockton, Roger D. Knapp
        Pages 189-196
  3. Plenary Session: Dietary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

About these proceedings


The objective of the program committee of the Fifth International Symposium on Atherosclerosis was to bring together experts in many disciplines to broaden the scope of the attack on this disease and to foster interaction. Our hope was that such interaction would accelerate the eradication of the disease. The symposium achieved that objective and con­ tinued the tradition of the previous symposia in providing a forum for summaries of recent research developments in the study, treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis. The leading authorities and researchers in this field and in the related areas of interest have presented the newest information, concepts and ideas that have evolved in the past three years since the previous meeting in Tokyo. The most promising fields for future investigation are clearly identified, as are the nature of the controversies that persist in some highly important aspects of treatment of this disease. The appearance of these proceedings so soon after the meeting will greatly enhance the impact of the symposium on current research in atherosclerosis. The program committee is particularly indebted to the excellent response of the inves­ tigators for their willingness to participate in the symposium and for their successful efforts in bringing high quality to their presentations. Their cooperation in the expeditious delivery of manuscripts for this volume has been particularly gratifying. The efforts of Ms. Barbara Allen in preparing this volume bear special note.


Arterienverkalkung Bypass Lipoprotein atherosclerosis cardiovascular coronary artery disease genetics heart high-density lipoprotein (HDL) hypertension vascular disease

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