Several Complex Variables

Proceedings of the 1981 Hangzhou Conference

  • J. J. Kohn
  • R. Remmert
  • Q.-K. Lu
  • Y.-T. Siu

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Methods of Partial Differential Equations

  3. Methods of Differential Geometry

  4. Holomorphic Vector Bundles

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 141-141
    2. Otto Forster
      Pages 143-149
  5. Kernels and Integral Formulae

  6. Pseudoconvexity, Function Fields, Algebraic Varieties, Value Distribution Theory

About this book


In recent years there has been increasing interaction among various branches of mathematics. This is especially evident in the theory of several complex variables where fruitful interplays of the methods of algebraic geometry, differential geometry, and partial differential equations have led to unexpected insights and new directions of research. In China there has been a long tradition of study in complex analysis, differential geometry and differential equations as interrelated subjects due to the influence of Professors S. S. Chern and L. K. Hua. After a long period of isolation, in recent years there is a resurgence of scientific activity and a resumption of scientific exchange with other countries. The Hangzhou conference is the first international conference in several complex variables held in China. It offered a good opportunity for mathematicians from China, U.S., Germany, Japan, Canada, and France to meet and to discuss their work. The papers presented in the conference encompass all major aspects of several complex variables, in particular, in such areas as complex differential geometry, integral representation, boundary behavior of holomorphic functions, invariant metrics, holomorphic vector bundles, and pseudoconvexity. Most of the participants wrote up their talks for these proceedings. Some of the papers are surveys and the others present original results. This volume constitutes an overview of the current trends of research in several complex variables.


Complex analysis Convexity Pseudoconvexity Riemann-Roch theorem Schwarz lemma Singular integral Smooth function algebraic varieties bounded mean oscillation differential equation

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  • J. J. Kohn
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  • R. Remmert
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  • Q.-K. Lu
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  • Y.-T. Siu
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