Rational Thermodynamics

  • C. Truesdell

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Hisistorical Introit. The Origins of Rational Thermodynamics

    1. C. Truesdell
      Pages 49-57
    2. C. Truesdell
      Pages 59-81
    3. C. Truesdell
      Pages 82-106
    4. C. Truesdell
      Pages 107-122
    5. Martin Feinberg, Richard Lavine
      Pages 123-140
    6. C. Truesdell
      Pages 141-158
    7. G. Capriz, P. Podio-Guidugli
      Pages 159-170
    8. C. Truesdell
      Pages 171-190
    9. Peter J. Chen
      Pages 191-210
    10. C. M. Dafermos
      Pages 211-218
    11. C. Truesdell
      Pages 219-236
    12. I-Shih Liu, Ingo Müller
      Pages 264-285
    13. S. L. Passman, J. W. Nunziato, E. K. Walsh
      Pages 286-325
    14. William O. Williams
      Pages 344-352
    15. C. Truesdell
      Pages 353-364
    16. C. Truesdell
      Pages 365-395
    17. C. Truesdell
      Pages 402-404
  3. General Appendices

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 477-477
    2. Bernard D. Coleman, David R. Owen
      Pages 479-493
    3. W. A. Day
      Pages 494-502
    4. J. L. Ericksen
      Pages 503-508
    5. Morton E. Gurtin, William O. Williams
      Pages 509-516
    6. Miroslav Šilhavý
      Pages 545-555
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 557-579

About this book


In the first edition of this book I tried to survey in brief compass the main ideas, methods, and discoveries of rational thermodynamics as it then stood, only five years after Messrs. COLEMAN & NOLL, while in Baltimore, had written the fundamental memoir that provided for the new science the one root theretofore wanting. A survey in the same style today would require an almost wholly new book, three or four times as long. As it was in 1968, again in 1983 a consecutive treatise restricted to the foundations would be premature, for at this moment they are under earnest discussion, probing analysis, and powerful attack by several students and from several directions. Because, although in the first edition I expressed some opinions I no longer hold and made some statements I should now recast or even re­ tract, it seems even yet to offer a simple introduction to some aspects of the field that remain current, I have chosen to reprint it unaltered except for emendation of slips and bettering of the English here and there.


Boltzmann equation kinetic theory thermodynamics

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