Low Vision

Principles and Applications Proceedings of the International Symposium on Low Vision, University of Waterloo, June 25–27, 1986

  • George C. Woo
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Part I

    1. 1. Measurement of Vision Loss: Theory and Practice Color Plates following page 10.

      1. R. A. Weale
        Pages 45-55
      2. Marcus D. Benedetto, Ernest M. Gaynes, Arnold H. Gordon, Morris J. Mintz
        Pages 56-65
      3. Jocelyn Faubert, Edward M. Brussell, Olga Overbury, A. Gordon Balazsi, Mike Dixon
        Pages 79-95
      4. Eleanor E. Faye
        Pages 96-107
      5. Sunanda Mitra, Steven Whiteside, Thomas Krile
        Pages 125-133
      6. Denis G. Pelli
        Pages 134-146
      7. Stanislaw J. Rog, Charles W. White, Pierre Simonet
        Pages 147-155
      8. Stephen G. Whittaker, Roger W. Cummings
        Pages 156-167
      9. Peter K. H. Wong, Roberto Bencivenga, James E. Jan, Kevin Farrell
        Pages 168-179
    2. 2. Prescribing Low Vision Aids

      1. Richard L. Brilliant, Sarah D. Appel, Robert J. Ruggiero
        Pages 209-215
      2. Joseph L. Demer, Jefim Goldberg, Franklin I. Porter, Herman A. Jenkins
        Pages 216-231
      3. Franklin I. Porter, Joseph L. Demer
        Pages 249-261
    3. 3. Reading and Low Vision

      1. Gordon E. Legge, Gary S. Rubin, Mary M. Schleske
        Pages 288-307
      2. J. E. Lovie-Kitchin, George C. Woo
        Pages 308-322
    4. 4. Low Vision Care

      1. J. A. Couturier, J. Gresset
        Pages 334-349
      2. Andrew J. Jackson, Janet H. Silver, Desmond B. Archer
        Pages 396-417
      3. Sandra K. Landis, Terrel D. Dutson, William Ludlum
        Pages 418-424
      4. Eva Lindstedt
        Pages 425-435
      5. J. H. Silver
        Pages 448-462
      6. Denise A. DeSylvia, Thomas R. Corwin
        Pages 463-470
      7. Jocelyn Faubert, Olga Overbury, Gregory L. Goodrich
        Pages 471-489
  3. Part II

    1. 1. Some Issues in Rehabilitation in Low Vision

      1. Sheree J. Aston, Monica Beliveau, Anne Yeadon
        Pages 502-518
      2. Jennifer Leigh Hill
        Pages 519-535
      3. Bill Shalinsky, Peter Shaw, Bill Carroll
        Pages 567-577

About these proceedings


An International Symposium on Low Vision was sponsored by the Centre for Sight Enhancement of the School of Optometry, University of Waterloo in June 1986, bringing low vision researchers and clinicians together from a number of countries. The unique feature of the conference is the multi-disciplinary approach towards low vision care. A total of 44 papers were presented in the three day period by speakers of note from the fields of optometry, ophthalmology, psychophysics, special education, nursing and vision rehabilitation. The papers deal with issues in diagnostic science, low vision assessment and rehabilitation. The proceedings volume is ideal for clinicians and vision scientists to update their understanding of low vision research and clinical practice.


eye macular degeneration optometry pathology retina visual evoked potential (VEP)

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  1. 1.Centre for Sight Enhancement, School of OptometryUniversity of WaterlooWaterlooCanada

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