Substance P and Neurokinins

Proceedings of “Substance P and Neurokinins—Montréal ’86” A Satellite Symposium of the XXX International Congress of The International Union of Physiological Sciences

  • James L. Henry
  • Rejean Couture
  • A. Claudio Cuello
  • Georges Pelletier
  • Remi Quirion
  • Domenico Regoli
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Synthesis; Metabolism; Molecular Biology; New Neurokinins

    1. S. E. Leeman
      Pages 1-2
    2. T. I. Bonner, A. C. Young, H.-U. Affolter
      Pages 3-4
    3. J. E. Krause, M. S. Carter, Z. S. Xu, M. R. MacDonald
      Pages 5-7
    4. M. J. Bannon, J.-M. Lee, P. Giraud, A. C. Young, H.-U. Affolter, T. I. Bonner
      Pages 8-11
    5. J. A. Jonassen, D. Mullikin-Kilpatrick, S. E. Leeman
      Pages 12-14
    6. J. M. Conlon, C. F. Deacon, M. Thorndyke, L. Thim, S. Falkmer
      Pages 15-17
    7. A. J. Turner, N. M. Hooper
      Pages 18-20
    8. A. J. Harmar, A. R. Pierotti, A. Armstrong, K. Chapman, J. S. Chahl, J. Going et al.
      Pages 21-23
    9. P. J. Elliott, A. Young, H.-U. Affolter, T. I. Bonner, M. J. Bannon
      Pages 30-32
    10. N. Corbally, D. Powell, K. Tipton
      Pages 33-36
  3. Binding Assays and Conformational Studies

    1. L. L. Iversen, A. C. Foster, K. J. Watling, A. T. McKnight, B. J. Williams, C. M. Lee
      Pages 40-43
    2. C. M. Lee, C. M. Campbell, B. J. Williams, B. J. Iversen
      Pages 44-46
    3. L. Bergström, Y. Torrens, M. Saffroy, J. C. Beaujouan, S. Lavielle, G. Chassaing et al.
      Pages 47-49
    4. R. Laufer, E. Rubini, C. Gilon, M. Chorev, Z. Selinger
      Pages 50-51
    5. J. A. Stephenson, R. J. Summers, E. Burcher
      Pages 53-55
    6. K. J. Watling, N. Suman-Chauhan, D. R. Bristow
      Pages 56-59
    7. O. Ploux, S. Lavielle, G. Chassaing, S. Julien, A. Marquet, J-C. Beaujouan et al.
      Pages 60-62
    8. G. Chassaing, O. Convert, S. Lavielle, O. Ploux
      Pages 63-65
    9. G. C. Landis, B. S. Wire, T. F. Burks, D. L. Kreulen, V. J. Hruby
      Pages 66-68
    10. T. V. Dam, E. Escher, R. Quirion
      Pages 75-77
    11. R. J. Summers, J. A. Stephenson, E. Burcher
      Pages 81-83
    12. J. C. Bornstein, E. Burcher
      Pages 84-86
    13. Y. Torrens, J. C. Beaujouan, M. Saffroy, M. C. Daguet de Montety, L. Bergström, J. Glowinski
      Pages 90-92
    14. T. L. Q’Donohue, C. J. Helke, E. Burcher, C. W. Shults, S. H. Buck
      Pages 93-95
    15. R. Quirion, H. Mount, T. V. Dam, P. Boksa, S. Buck, E. Burcher et al.
      Pages 96-98
  4. Biological Assays; Tachykinin Antagonists

    1. D. Regoli, G. Drapeau, S. Dion, P. D’Orléans-Juste
      Pages 99-107
    2. C. A. Maggi, P. Santicioli, L. Abelli, S. Giuliani, M. Furio, M. Parlani et al.
      Pages 111-113
    3. E. Munekata, F. Osakada, H. Tanaka, K. Kubo
      Pages 114-115
    4. E. Escher, P. D’Orléans-Juste, S. Dion, D. Regoli
      Pages 116-118
    5. P. D’Orléans-Juste, S. Dion, N. E. Rhaleb, G. Drapeau, D. Regoli
      Pages 125-128
    6. S. Dion, P. D’Orléans-Juste, N. E. Rhaleb, G. Drapeau, P. Rovero, D. Regoli
      Pages 129-131
    7. G. Drapeau, P. Rovero, P. D’Orleans-Juste, S. Dion, N. E. Rhaleb, D. Regoli
      Pages 132-134
    8. J. M. Hall, I. K. M. Morton
      Pages 135-137
    9. I. K. M. Morton, J. M. Hall
      Pages 138-140
    10. H. I. Jacoby, I. Lopez, D. Wright, J. L. Vaught
      Pages 141-143
    11. D. Ron, R. Laufer, J. Frey, C. Gilon, Z. Selinger, M. Chorev
      Pages 144-145
    12. J. E. T. Fox, T. J. McDonald, L. Alford, F. Kostolanska
      Pages 146-148

About these proceedings


Sarajevo was the site of the first international meeting on substance P. It was held in 1961, thirty years after the first report of the discovery of substance P by Von Euler and Gaddum. The proceedings which follow are from a symposium held twenty-five years after the first meeting. These twenty-five years have seen a vast expansion in this field ofresearch. This family of peptides now includes a number of different mammalian and non-mammalian related peptides. Beyond the early physiological and pharmacological studies, there is important new information coming from the full spectrum of disciplines in the basic medical sciences, including molecular biology, which has given us important insights into the biosynthetic mechanisms of origin of these peptides. Montreal was chosen as the site for the 1986 meeting. The name given to it was "Sub­ stance P & Neurokinins-Montreal '86." This name was modelled after the one held in Dublin in 1982, but neurokinins were added to acknowledge the broader family of peptides. The meeting was held as a Satellite Symposium of the XXX International Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences in Vancouver. The venue was McGill University, and the dates were 21-23 July, 1986.


Nervous System blood vessel cortex endothelium neurons neuropeptides regulation skeletal muscle smooth muscle tissue

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  • James L. Henry
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  • Rejean Couture
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  • A. Claudio Cuello
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  • Georges Pelletier
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  • Remi Quirion
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  • Domenico Regoli
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  1. 1.Department of PhysiologyMcGill UniversityMontrealCanada
  2. 2.Department of PhysiologyUniversity of MontrealMontrealCanada
  3. 3.Department of Pharmacology and TherapeuticsMcGill UniversityMontrealCanada
  4. 4.MRC Group in Molecular EndocrinologyCentre Hospitalier de L’UniversiteLavalCanada
  5. 5.Douglas Hospital Research Centre and Department of PsychiatryMcGill UniversityVerdunCanada
  6. 6.Department of Pharmacology, Medical SchoolUniversity of SherbrookeSherbrookeCanada

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