Laboratory Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases Principles and Practice

VOLUME II Viral, Rickettsial, and Chlamydial Diseases

  • E. H. Lennette
  • P. Halonen
  • F. A. Murphy
  • A. Balows
  • W. J. HauslerJr.

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-N2
  2. General Principles of Viral Diagnostics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N3-N3
    2. Charles Richard Madeley, David A. Lennette, Pekka Halonen
      Pages 1-11
    3. Larry J. Anderson, Stephen C. Hadler, Carlos Lopez, William R. Jarvis, Susan Fisher-Hoch, Walter W. Bond et al.
      Pages 12-38
  3. General Technological Approaches to Diagnostics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N4-N4
    2. Diane S. Leland, Morris L. V. French
      Pages 39-59
    3. Pertti P. Arstila, Pekka E. Halonen
      Pages 60-75
    4. Kenneth L. Herrmann
      Pages 76-101
    5. M. H. V. Van Regenmortel
      Pages 102-120
    6. Frances W. Doane
      Pages 121-131
    7. M. Ranki, A. -C. Syvãnen, H. Söderlund
      Pages 132-151
  4. The Viruses, Viral Infections, and Nomenclature

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 152-152
    2. Frederick A. Murphy
      Pages 153-176
    3. Frank Fenner, James H. Nakano
      Pages 177-210
    4. Erik Lycke, Stig Jeansson
      Pages 211-229
    5. Evelyne T. Lennette
      Pages 230-246
    6. W. Lawrence Drew
      Pages 247-260
    7. Michiaki Takahashi
      Pages 261-283
    8. G. Wadell
      Pages 284-300
    9. Herbert Pfister
      Pages 301-316
    10. Ray R. Arthur, Keerti V. Shah
      Pages 317-323
    11. M. J. Anderson
      Pages 333-352
    12. Kenneth L. Tyler, Bernard N. Fields
      Pages 353-374
    13. Richard W. Emmons
      Pages 375-383
    14. Ian H. Holmes
      Pages 384-413
    15. Charles H. Calisher, Thomas P. Monath
      Pages 414-434
    16. Jennifer M. Best, Siobhan O’Shea
      Pages 435-450
    17. John C. Hierholzer, Gregory A. Tannock
      Pages 451-483
    18. Monica Grandien
      Pages 484-506
    19. Claes Örvell
      Pages 507-524
    20. Erling Norrby
      Pages 525-539
    21. Larry J. Anderson
      Pages 540-570
    22. Pierre Sureau, Monique Lafon, George M. Baer
      Pages 571-594
    23. Michael P. Kiley
      Pages 595-601
    24. Alan Kendal, Maurice W. Harmon
      Pages 602-625
    25. Charles H. Calisher, Robert E. Shope
      Pages 626-646
    26. Joseph B. McCormick
      Pages 647-662
    27. Widad Al-Nakib, David A. J. Tyrrell
      Pages 723-742
    28. Arie J. Zuckerman
      Pages 743-749
    29. S. A. Locarnini, I. D. Gust
      Pages 750-796
    30. Arie J. Zuckerman
      Pages 797-805
    31. Patricia A. Merz, Henryk M. Wisniewski
      Pages 819-846
    32. Julius Schachter
      Pages 847-863
    33. Joseph E. McDade, Daniel B. Fishbein
      Pages 864-890
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 891-961

About this book


those who deal with infectious diseases on a daily This two volume work stems from the belief of the Editors that infectious diseases are not only very basis. much with us today but, more importantly, that they There are several excellent textbooks dealing will continue to playa significant global role in mor­ with medical microbiology, and there are equally bidity and mortality in all people. A continuing need well-recognized books devoted to infectious dis­ for an informed and knowledgeable community of eases. The Editors of this work, on the other hand, were persuaded that there was a need for a publica­ laboratory scientists is fundamental. Data describing tion that would bring together the most pertinent and the global impact of infectious diseases are difficult to come by. Fortunately, a recent thoughtful and relevant information on the principles and practice of provocative publication by Bennett et al. (1987) pro­ the laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases and vides us with data derived from several consultants include clinical relationships. While this two volume that clearly delineate the impact of infectious dis­ text is directed toward the role of the laboratory in eases on the United States today.


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  • P. Halonen
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  • F. A. Murphy
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  • W. J. HauslerJr.
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  3. 3.Department of VirologyUniversity of TurkuTurkuFinland
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