The Omentum

Research and Clinical Applications

  • Harry S. Goldsmith

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  2. Rhodri Williams
    Pages 45-61
  3. J. C. de la Torre, H. S. Goldsmith
    Pages 63-73
  4. T. K. McIntosh, H. S. Goldsmith
    Pages 75-82
  5. G. C. Siek, J. K. Marquis, H. S. Goldsmith
    Pages 83-95
  6. B. Huber, A. Juhn, D. Mohler, R. Barth, T. Ullman, C. Baker et al.
    Pages 97-108
  7. G. Rosadini, M. Cossu, H. S. Goldsmith, A. Pau, G. Rodriguez, E. S. Viale et al.
    Pages 109-115
  8. S. Miyamoto, H. Kikuchi, J. Karasawa, I. Nagata
    Pages 159-164
  9. Zhan Min-Shu, Jia Hua-Cheng, Wei Rong-Giu, Jiang Qing-Tao, You Yu-Cai, Ji Quanyuan et al.
    Pages 173-186
  10. B. Levander, J. Wennerstrand
    Pages 207-221
  11. D. Burkitt
    Pages 241-245
  12. Back Matter
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About this book


The Omentum explores and assesses the comparatively new approach of using omental attachment in the treatment of a variety of neurologic diseases. Topics discussed include historical images and ideas connected with the greater omentum; angiogenesis and the greater omentum; implications for central nervous system injury of vasoactive chemicals in the omentum; effects of omental-derived lipid fractions on osseous vascularization and bone formation; cerebral revascularization by omental graft for moyamoya disease; omental transposition for treating the sequelae of viral encephalitis; experimental and clinical use of omental transposition for spinal cord pathology; and lumbo-omental shunt for treatment of communicating hydrocephalus. The effect of omentum transposition to the brain on regional cerebral blood flow in stroke patients and on delivery of chemotherapeutic agents to malignant brain tumors is also considered.


Darmnetz anatomy brain brain tumor bypass central nervous system nervous system spinal cord stroke transplantation tumor

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