Structure and Function of Invertebrate Oxygen Carriers

  • Serge N. Vinogradov
  • Oscar H. Kapp

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Quarternary and Three-Dimensional Structure

    1. Front Matter
      Pages xxv-xxv
    2. Nicolas Boisset, Jean-Christophe Taveau, Jean Lamy
      Pages 1-8
    3. Kazumoto Kimura, Yoshihiko Igarashi, Akihiko Kajita, Zhi-Xin Wang, Hirotsugu Tsuruta, Yoshiyuki Amemiya et al.
      Pages 9-18
    4. Theodore T. Herskovits, Curley Kieran, Michelle D. Edwards, Mary G. Hamilton
      Pages 19-24
    5. Mary G. Hamilton, Theodore T. Herskovits, Joseph S. Wall
      Pages 25-32
    6. H. David Ellerton, Nik Rahimah Husain
      Pages 37-48
    7. Pawan K. Sharma, Aziz N. Qabar, Oscar H. Kapp, Joseph S. Wall, Serge N. Vinogradov
      Pages 65-72
    8. Pawan K. Sharma, Serge N. Vinogradov, Daniel A. Walz
      Pages 73-77
    9. Aziz N. Qabar, Oscar H. Kapp, Joseph S. Wall, Serge N. Vinogradov
      Pages 79-86
  3. Structure and Function

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 87-87
    2. Nobuo Makino, Hiromi Ohnaka
      Pages 99-107
    3. Marcel Tabak, Maria H. Tinto, Hidetake Imasato, Janice R. Perussi
      Pages 121-125
    4. Janice R. Perussi, Adalto R. de Souza, Maria H. Tinto, Hidetake Imasato, Nilce C. Meirelles, Marcel Tabak
      Pages 127-131
    5. Rodolfo Ippoliti, Andrea Bellelli, Eugenio Lendaro, Maurizio Brunori
      Pages 133-138
    6. Emilia Chiancone, Daniela Verzili, Alberto Boffi, William E. Royer Jr, Wayne A. Hendrickson
      Pages 139-145
    7. Carla Spagnuolo, Alessandro Desideri, Francesca Polizio, Emilia Chiancone
      Pages 147-152
    8. Martino Bolognesi, Francesco Frigerio, Claudia Lionetti, Menico Rizzi, Paolo Ascenzi, Maurizio Brunori
      Pages 161-170
    9. Daniel Lavalette, Catherine Tetreau
      Pages 191-198
    10. Catherine Tetreau, Daniel Lavalette, Jean-Claude Brochon
      Pages 199-203
  4. Amino Acid and cDNA Sequences

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 205-205
    2. Clive N. A. Trotman, Anthony M. Manning, Luc Moens, Kerry J. Guise, Warren P. Tate
      Pages 207-216
    3. Toshio Gotoh, Tomohiko Suzuki, Takashi Takagi
      Pages 217-226
    4. Li-Hui Chow, Rasheeda S. Zafar, Daniel A. Walz
      Pages 233-237
    5. Rasheeda S. Zafar, Li-Hui Chow, Mary S. Stern, Daniel A. Walz
      Pages 239-244
    6. Takashi Takagi, Hisashi Iwaasa, Suguru Ohta, Tomohiko Suzuki
      Pages 245-249
    7. Hisashi Iwaasa, Takashi Takagi, Keiji Shikama
      Pages 251-256
    8. Jerrolynn Hockenhull-Johnson, Mary S. Stern, Daniel A. Walz, David W. Kraus, Jonathan B. Wittenberg
      Pages 261-264
    9. Kris Peeters, Luc Moens
      Pages 265-269
    10. Ivo de Baere, Lu Liu, Jozef van Beeumen, Luc Moens
      Pages 271-277
    11. Toshio Gotoh, Tomohiko Suzuki, Takashi Takagi
      Pages 279-283
  5. Gene Structure and Physiological Role

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 285-285
    2. T. Hankeln, C. Luther, P. Rozynek, E. R. Schmidt
      Pages 287-296
    3. P. Rozynek, M. Broecker, T. Hankeln, E. R. Schmidt
      Pages 297-303
    4. Pawel A. Osmulski, Wanda Leyko
      Pages 305-312
    5. Kanak L. Dikshit, Rajendra P. Dikshit, Dale A. Webster
      Pages 313-321
    6. Jonathan B. Wittenberg, David W. Kraus
      Pages 323-330
    7. Bruno Giardina, Saverio G. Condo, Ole Brix
      Pages 331-336

About these proceedings


Oxygen binding proteins are large multi unit proteins ideally suited for the study of structure function relationships in biological molecules. This book, based on a Symposium at the Xth International Biophysics Congress in 1990, provides a synthesis of recent advances in our knowledge of invertebrate oxygen carriers such as hemoglobins, hemocyanins, and hemorythrins. Comprehensive reviews are combined with new research results of importance to all biochemists and molecular biologists interested in oxygen carriers in general, their gene structure and comparative biochemistry. Of particular value are the studies of invertebrate oxygen binding proteins which perform their function and have structures vastly different from the vertebrate hemoglobins and myoglobins, as well as numerous examples of modern molecular techniques as applied to research on this diverse group of proteins.


Mollusca SQUID STEM X-ray amino acid biochemistry biological cloning invertebrates low temperature molecule nomenclature polymer protozoa quaternary structure

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