The Pharmacology of Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse and Addiction

  • Norman S. Miller

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About this book


This volume is intended for clinicians, researchers, residents, and students. The range is wide and the depth considerable for all the topics covered in the treatment of this timely and relevant subject. This book may serve equally well as a general introduction and a scholarly reference. Ultimately, it is designed to serve those patients suffering from abuse of and addiction to drugs and alcohol. The content and organization of the book flow from general concepts of abuse and addiction to specific details of the pharmacology of alcohol and drugs. Special chapters on topics not found in most other books, such as pharmacology of drug-drug interactions, abstinence, and prevention, are included. This book is written especially for the clinician interested in the pharma­ cology of alcohol and drugs of abuse and addiction. The pharmacology is integrated into a conceptual approach to diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse and addiction. The form and style are didactic, critical as well as straightforward in presentation. Literature references from recent clinical research and basic research provide the foundation for the chapters throughout the book. Be­ cause the book is written by a clinician-researcher, the information is readily adaptable to clinical problems and research ideas. I would like to express my deep appreciation to Susan Newsom and Darlene Tucci for their invaluable technical assistance. Norman S. Miller vii Contents Preface ....................................................... vii CHAPTER 1 Introduction to the Pharmacological Effects of Alcohol and Drugs and Addiction on the Brain and Behavior .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . 1 . . . . . .


Alkohol Alkoholismus Sucht Suchttherapie Syndrom addiction therapy alcoholism diagnosis drug drugs of abuse pharmacology syndromes

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