Modern Vascular Surgery

Volume 5

  • John B. Chang
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. D. P. Halpin, S. Riggins, J. D. Carmichael, J. H. Isobe, J. L. Mathews, T. R. Kahn et al.
    Pages 108-111
  3. Calvin A. Ridgeway, Robert D. Williams, L. Beaty Pemberton
    Pages 112-115
  4. David F. J. Tollefson, Calvin B. Ernst
    Pages 126-131
  5. Anita K. Lindsey, Bret C. Allen, Robert S. Rhodes, John A. Griswold
    Pages 153-165
  6. Guangdi Li, Zhonggao Wang, Jidong Wu, Wei Du, Jian Yu, Dajie Wang et al.
    Pages 178-192
  7. Eriya Okuda, Hiroshi Yoshizu, Nobuo Hatori, Yoshiyuki Haga, Yozo Uriuda, Masafumi Shimizu et al.
    Pages 193-209
  8. Aurel C. Cernaianu, Anthony J. DelRossi, Jonathan H. Cilley Jr., Richard K. Spence, Rudolph C. Camishion
    Pages 210-219
  9. Michael C. Dalsing, Karen O. Ehrman, Dolores F. Cikrit, Stephen G. Lalka, Alan P. Sawchuk
    Pages 220-236
  10. Anthony D. Whittemore
    Pages 287-292
  11. Philippe G. Bull, Helmuth Denck, Robert Guidoin, Helmuth Gruber
    Pages 299-313
  12. Kensuke Esato, Nobuya Zempo, Masaki O-hara, Kentaroh Fujioka, Takayuki Kuga, Hiroaki Takenaka
    Pages 314-321
  13. Harry B. Kram, Sushil K. Gupta, Frank J. Veith
    Pages 322-330
  14. Richard F. Neville, Yaron Almagor, Antonio L. Bartorelli, Renu Virmani, Michael Perlman, Martin B. Leon
    Pages 331-341
  15. Arshad Quadri, Parviz Sadhigi, Richard M. Basile
    Pages 342-355
  16. Benjamin B. Chang, Robert P. Leather, Dhiraj M. Shah
    Pages 356-365
  17. Ronald L. Dalman, Lloyd M. Taylor, John M. Porter
    Pages 371-392
  18. Thomas Barnett, James Reilly, Keuk Yum
    Pages 393-395
  19. U. Hake, H. Gabbert, S. Iversen, H. Jakob, W. Schmiedt, H. Oelert
    Pages 396-409
  20. Marvin L. Gliedman, Ronald N. Kaleya
    Pages 410-417
  21. Seshadri Raju, Peter Neglèn
    Pages 418-424
  22. Kuo-hua Zhang, Zhuo-yun Gu
    Pages 507-514
  23. Steven P. Schmidt, Frederick I. Field
    Pages 515-519

About these proceedings


Based on the research and clinical work presented at the Fifth International Symposium, Vascular Surgery 1991, this book gathers forty contributions from renowned clinicians and researchers and outstanding young investigators around the world.


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