Modes of Action of GnRH and GnRH Analogs

  • William F. CrowleyJr.
  • P. Michael Conn

Part of the Serono Symposia, USA book series (SERONOSYMP)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Overview of GnRH Secretion and Mechanism of Action

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Randall W. Whitcomb, William F. Crowley Jr.
      Pages 3-25
    3. Tim D. Braden, P. Michael Conn
      Pages 26-54
    4. John C. Marshall, Alan C. Dalkin, Daniel J. Haisenleder
      Pages 55-66
  3. Molecular and Developmental Control of GnRH Expression

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 67-67
    2. C. T. Bond, R. Seal, R. Simerly, J. P. Adelman
      Pages 69-78
    3. C. T. Bond, R. Fernald, R. Francis, J. P. Adelman
      Pages 79-84
    4. Sally Radovick, Fredric E. Wondisford, Susan Wray, Christine Ticknor, Yuko Nakayama, Gordon B. Cutler Jr. et al.
      Pages 85-105
    5. Margaret E. Wierman, Wei Sun, Chun Wang, David F. Gordon, William W. Wood
      Pages 106-115
    6. Andrés Negro-Vilar, William Wetsel, Marcelo Valença, Istvan Merchenthaler, Francisco López, Zsolt Liposits et al.
      Pages 116-130
    7. Marie J. Gibson, Youichi Saitoh, Gregory M. Miller, Ann-Judith Silverman
      Pages 144-157
  4. GnRH Physiology: Animal Models

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 159-159
    2. J. C. King, B. S. Rubin
      Pages 161-178
    3. Janice H. Urban, John M. Meredith, Angela C. Bauer-Dantoin, Frank J. Strobl, Jon E. Levine
      Pages 211-222
    4. Ok-Kyong Park, Sajiv Gugneja, Kelly E. Mayo
      Pages 223-240
    5. Fred J. Karsch, Suzanne M. Moenter, Alain Caraty
      Pages 241-255
    6. Ei Terasawa, Andrea C. Gore
      Pages 256-274
  5. GnRH Antagonists

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 275-275
    2. Spyros N. Pavlou
      Pages 298-309
    3. Janet E. Hall, William F. Crowley Jr.
      Pages 310-321
    4. William J. Bremner, Carrie J. Bagatell, Robert A. Steiner
      Pages 322-331
    5. Keith Gordon, Douglas R. Danforth, Robert F. Williams, Gary D. Hodgen
      Pages 332-346
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 371-378

About these proceedings


Since the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Drs. Guillemin and Schally iJ) 1971 for isolation and chemical characterization of gonadotropin releasing hormone, we have experienced a remarkable period of growth of interest in this hormone. The last 20 years have been characterized by a swift translation of basic science discovery into clinical utility. Approval of GnRH and its analogs for treatment of prostate cancer, endometriosis, of ovulation indicate the range and precocious puberty and for induction of these agents. of usefulness In order to bring together the leaders in the basic and clinical science of GnRH, a conference was organized on "Modes of Action of GnRH and GnRH Analogs" and held in Scottsdale, Arizona, February 26 to March 2, 1991. The presentations, given as chapters in this volume, show both the advances in the body of information in this discipline and the efforts underway to reduce basic science to clinical practice. The audience was a combination of representatives from universities, government, industry, and physicians in practice. The lively discussions and insightful questions indicated the interest in the topics discussed and frequently served to catalyze planned interactions of the meeting participants. The organizers are grateful to the speakers and poster presenters for their contributions and for the timely preparations of the manuscripts included in the present volume. We are also thankful to the staff of Serono Symposia, USA, for the organizational skills and support that allowed the meeting organizers to focus on the science and medicine presented.


hormones physiology placenta regulation

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