• Christian Doutremepuich

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Antithrombotic Drugs

  3. Anticoagulation and Physiological Situation

    1. N. Schlegel, M. F. Hurtaud-Roux, F. Beaufils
      Pages 226-247
    2. G. Pinganaud, P J. Louvet, J P. Emeriau
      Pages 248-269
    3. F. X. Roques, S. A. M. Nashef, E. M. Baudet, C. Doutremepuich
      Pages 270-278
    4. J. J. Leng, P. Delouis
      Pages 279-298
    5. I. Iturbe Alessio
      Pages 299-308
  4. Anticoagulation and Heart

    1. Ph. Le Métayer, V. Puel, M. Haissaguerre, J. F. Warin
      Pages 309-321
    2. Ph. Le Métayer, V. Puel, M. Haissaguerre, J. F. Warin
      Pages 322-330
  5. Anticoagulation and Vessel

    1. G. Sassout, P. M. Garcia, F. Hayek
      Pages 331-358
  6. Anticoagulation and Surgery

    1. C. Deville, F. Madonna, S. A. M. Nashef, C. Doutremepuich
      Pages 376-380
    2. X. Roques, S. A. M. Nashef, E. Baudet, C. Doutremepuich
      Pages 381-390
    3. A. Planes, N. Vochelle
      Pages 391-413
    4. G. Janvier, S. Winnock
      Pages 414-445
  7. Anticoagulation and Medicine

    1. C. Doutremepuich, M. C. Lalanne, F. Azougagh Oualane
      Pages 446-456
    2. L. Schouler, G. Janvier, P. Couzigou
      Pages 467-482
    3. C. Combe, M. Aparicio
      Pages 483-510

About this book


All medical specialists who must contend with the possibility of thrombosis will be interested in Anticoagulation. This book evaluates anticoagulation procedures from various points of view - from Current Trends in Anti-thrombotic Drugs, to Treatment of Ischemic Vascular Disorders; from Anticoagulants in Pregnancy, to Anticoagulation in the Elderly, from the Effects of Anticoagulant Therapy on the Heart, to Anticoagulation in various Surgical Procedures. Anticoagulation is a resource of approaches to the management of this common medical problem.


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