Arthroscopic Laser Surgery

Clinical Applications

  • Allen T. Brillhart

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Allen T. Brillhart
    Pages 1-5
  3. Robert S. Cummings Jr., Gregory J. Lane, Har Chi Lau, Jonathan D. Black, Henry H. Sherk
    Pages 25-26
  4. R. Lane Smith, L. Montgomery, G. Fanton, M. Dillingham, D. J. Schurman
    Pages 27-31
  5. Neil D. Glossop, Robert W. Jackson
    Pages 37-45
  6. Douglas K. Dew, Larry Supik, Clement R. Darrow II
    Pages 47-51
  7. Allen T. Brillhart
    Pages 53-55
  8. Allen T. Brillhart, Michele Cook
    Pages 65-73
  9. C. Darrow II, W. Williams, T. Shea, B. Smith
    Pages 93-103
  10. Stuart D. Harman, Art Vassiliadis
    Pages 129-139
  11. Vahid Saadatmanesh, Joan L. Hawver, Sanford D. Damasco, Glenn D. Yeik
    Pages 147-161
  12. Dietmar Eisel, C. L. Petersen, W. L. Nighan
    Pages 163-173
  13. Werner E. Siebert
    Pages 175-178
  14. Charles E. Kollmer
    Pages 199-204
  15. Chadwick F. Smith, C. Thomas Vangsness Jr.
    Pages 209-210
  16. Neil D. Glossop, Robert W. Jackson
    Pages 211-219
  17. Michael F. Dillingham, Gary S. Fanton
    Pages 221-232
  18. James W. Stone, James F. Guhl, Naomi N. Shields, Shari Gabriel
    Pages 233-238
  19. Gary S. Fanton, Michael F. Dillingham
    Pages 239-251
  20. Allen T. Brillhart
    Pages 279-279
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 281-299

About this book


Arthroscopic Laser Surgery: Clinical Applications is designed to introduce the use of lasers to the orthopaedic surgeon who performs arthroscopic surgery and is the first text of its kind entirely devoted to the unification of these two exciting technologies.
This groundbreaking work examines the following subjects: - the basic sciences of laser arthroscopy as well as the history of its development - techniques for arthroscopic laser applications in the knee, for carpal tunnel release, ankle, shoulder, and much more - practical, clinical guidelines on its advantages, disadvantages, and complications - technical overview of the laser systems currently in use in the United States and worldwide - important safety measures and administrative issues - glossary of terms and reference sources.
Each chapter is written by an arthroscopic laser surgeon distinguished in both his knowledge of the topic addressed as well as by his expertise with that specific laser arthroscopic system. Over 120 full-color illustrations enhance the presentation. The definitive text of arthroscopic laser surgery applications and technique, this volume is a must-have information source for all orthopaedic surgeons.


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