Amazing Light

A Volume Dedicated To Charles Hard Townes On His 80th Birthday

  • Raymond Y. Chiao

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxviii
  2. Nicolai G. Basov, Vladimir A. Alekseev, Mikhail A. Gubin
    Pages 7-20
  3. William R. Bennett Jr., Vieniamin P. Chebotayev
    Pages 27-39
  4. Frank Bertoldi, Christopher F. McKee
    Pages 41-54
  5. Albert L. Betz
    Pages 73-78
  6. Nicholas Bloembergen
    Pages 87-89
  7. Raymond Y. Chiao
    Pages 91-108
  8. Claude N. Cohen-Tannoudji
    Pages 109-123
  9. David A. Coppeta, Paul L. Kelley, Patrick J. Harshman, T. Kenneth Gustafson, Jean-Pierre E. Taran
    Pages 143-151
  10. Michael K. Crawford, David R. Corbin, Robert J. Smalley
    Pages 153-161
  11. Francesco De Martini, Marco Giangrasso
    Pages 197-214
  12. Carolyn L. Ebrahimi, Kenneth M. Watson
    Pages 217-227
  13. Gerald Ehrenstein
    Pages 229-235
  14. Neal J. Evans II, John H. Lacy
    Pages 237-244
  15. Elsa Garmire
    Pages 245-250
  16. Paul F. Goldsmith
    Pages 285-290
  17. Matthew A. Greenhouse, Howard A. Smith, Uri Feldman
    Pages 295-305
  18. John A. Hoffnagle, Richard G. Brewer
    Pages 333-341
  19. David J. Hollenbach, Philip R. Maloney
    Pages 343-350
  20. Ali Javan
    Pages 351-354
  21. Egbert Klisch, Thomas Klaus, Sergei P. Belov, Gispert Winnewisser, Eric Herbst
    Pages 355-365
  22. Walter D. Knight
    Pages 367-371
  23. Harold Lecar
    Pages 391-400
  24. Leon M. Lederman
    Pages 401-407
  25. Vladilen S. Letokhov
    Pages 409-443
  26. Georg M. Meyer, Tserensodnom Gantsog, Marian O. Scully, Herbert Walther
    Pages 473-483
  27. Peter G. Mezger, Wolfgang J. Duschl, Robert Zylka, Thomas Beckert
    Pages 485-496
  28. Takeshi Morimoto, Meiro Chiba, Giyuu Kido
    Pages 497-505
  29. A. Penzias
    Pages 515-519
  30. Francesco A. Pepe, Roland Brodbeck, Daniel Huguenin, Fritz K. Kneuböhl
    Pages 521-541

About this book


This Festschrift is a collection of essays contributed by students, colleagues, and ad­ mirers to honor an eminent scholar on a special anniversary: Charles Hard Townes on the occasion of his 80th birthday, July 28, 1995. In 1964, Townes shared the Nobel Prize in physics with Alexander Mikhailovich Prokhorov and Nikolai Gen­ nadyevich Basov "for fundamental work in the field of quantum electronics, which has led to the construction of oscillators and amplifiers based on the maser-laser principle. " His contributions have covered a much wider area, however. His fruitful interests spanning several decades have included many scientific subjects, includ­ ing, microwave spectroscopy and astrophysics (other articles in this volume will expand further on this point). He has also contributed to public service, having served as the chairman of the Science and Technology Advisory Committee for NASA's Apollo program, and as a member and vice chairman of the President's Science Advisory Committee. As the enormous breadth of contributions from his students shows, he has educated scholars who are now in a wide range of fields. The contributions from his many admirers, among whom are nine fellow Nobel laureates, attest to his impact on many disciplines ranging from electrical engi­ neering to medicine. His influence extends even to theology, as is indicated by one essay. The broadly international character of this Festschrift reflects his deep belief in the international, universal nature of science.


Absorption Maser Raman spectroscopy Transmission astrophysics chaos electronics interferometer laser nonlinear optics optics quantum optics quantum physics semiconductor spectroscopy

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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of California at BerkeleyBerkeleyUSA

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