Aesthetic and Reconstructive Techniques

  • Jack Davis

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About this book


In keeping with my longstanding interest in the surgical corrrection of external ear deformities, I have followed Jack Davis' contributions to this challenging type of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery since I read his first article in 1951. As a longtime good friend of Jack in our roles as editors of the journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and as past presidents of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), I have kept up­ to-date in reading his numerous accomplishments in external ear surgery for these past 46 years. The reader might find it reassuring to learn that in this period of 4t decades, Jack Davis has contributed to our specialty 42 separate articles, lec­ tures, discussions, chapters, and other items describing external ear surgery. In 1978 in our journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, he presented an excellent re­ view article on "History of the Aesthetic Surgery of the Ear," which was co­ authored with the assistance of Horacio H. Hernandez. This same subject was also presented in 1985 in a chapter in an ISAPS book devoted to the 'The Creation of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery." Even more importantly, and historically, Davis gave us his opus magnum publication in 1987, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Otoplasty, which covered almost every conceivable aspect of these types of surgery in its 581 pages.


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