The Testis

From Stem Cell to Sperm Function

  • Erwin Goldberg
Conference proceedings

Part of the Serono Symposia USA book series (SERONOSYMP)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Prologue

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Norman B. Hecht
      Pages 10-18
  3. Testis Development and Differentiation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 19-19
    2. Mary Min-chin Lee
      Pages 30-42
    3. Dirk G. de Rooij, Bianca H. G. J. Schrans-Stassen, Ans M. M. van Pelt, Gladis A. Shuttlesworth, Marvin L. Meistrich, Masaru Okabe et al.
      Pages 43-54
    4. Maria P. De Miguel, Mark J. Federspiel, Peter J. Donovan
      Pages 55-70
  4. Paracrine and Endocrine Interactions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 71-71
    2. Robert W. Bailey, Ann Clark, Elena Lymar, Walter A. Tribley, Michael D. Griswold
      Pages 73-81
    3. Frederick C. W. Wu
      Pages 89-105
  5. Genetics and Cell Biology of Spermatogenesis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 107-107
    2. Steven W. L’Hernault, Andrew W. Singson
      Pages 109-119
    3. Ting-Yi Lin, M. Jodeane Pringle, Margaret T. Fuller
      Pages 120-132
    4. Edward M. Eddy, William D. Willis, Kiyoshi Miki, Chisato Mori
      Pages 133-142
    5. Michael G. O’Rand, Iglika N. Batova, Richard T. Richardson
      Pages 143-150
    6. James R. Bartles, Lili Zheng, Min Wang, Bin Chen
      Pages 151-160
  6. Epididymal Maturation and Fertilization

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 161-161
    2. Barry T. Hinton, Zi Jian Lan, R. John Lye, Jacquelyn C. Labus
      Pages 163-173
    3. Bernard Robaire, Valerie Serre
      Pages 174-185
    4. David L. Garbers, Timothy A. Quill
      Pages 186-197
  7. Genetic Defects and Remedies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 199-199
    2. John D. Kirby, David P. Froman, Douglas D. Rhoads
      Pages 201-212
    3. Renee A. Reijo Pera
      Pages 213-225
    4. Jan A. M. Kremer, Joep H. A. M. Tuerlings, Ron van Golde, Eric J. H. Meuleman, Didi D. M. Braat
      Pages 226-232
    5. Fay L. Shamanski, Paul J. Turek, Roger A. Pedersen
      Pages 233-244
    6. Richard M. Schultz, Kimberly D. Tremblay, Adam S. Doherty, Marisa S. Bartolomei
      Pages 245-255
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 257-265

About these proceedings


This volume contains the proceedings of the XVth North American Testis Workshop, held in Louisville, Kentucky, April 7 to 10, 1999, to describe current advances in testis biology. The first two chapters provide a useful historical perspective of testis physiology and formulate compelling research questions about important aspects of sperm formation and function. This prologue sets the scene for the remainder of the volume that follows a logical progression, as the title implies, from stem cell to cell function, but that is necessarily preceded by sex determination, the quintessential requirement for there being a testis in the first place. The program for this XVth Testis Workshop evolved from recommenda­ tions of the scientific committee and their advice on the selection of invited speakers. The XVth Testis Workshop has a strong comparative flavor with contributions on worms (Caenorhabditis), flies (Drosophila), and chickens, which are models that permit and thereby reveal the power of genetic analy­ ses of the molecular mechanisms involved in spermatogenesis. A glimpse into the future is provided with information from EST, protein, and genome databases that already have an impact on progress in our understanding of the male germ cell. Although there is heavy emphasis in these chapters on cellular and molecular e,¥ents, database mining and translational profiling relevant to testis function and dysfunction and assisted reproduction tech­ nologies are not overlooked.


aging biology cell biology chaperone development fertility gene expression genes genetics infertility protein stem cell testis therapy

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