Surgical Research

Basic Principles and Clinical Practice

  • H. Troidl
  • M. F. McKneally
  • D. S. Mulder
  • A. S. Wechsler
  • B. McPeek
  • W. O. Spitzer

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiii
  2. The Surgeon as Investigator

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. H. Troidl, M. F. McKneally
      Pages 3-7
    3. R. J. McKenna Jr.
      Pages 15-22
    4. W. R. Chitwood Jr., D. C. Sabiston Jr.
      Pages 23-38
    5. J. Yee, D. S. Mulder
      Pages 39-47
  3. Reading and Writing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 57-57
    2. M. T. Schechter, F. E. LeBlanc, V. A. Lawrence
      Pages 59-68
    3. M. Rothmund, B. Stinner
      Pages 69-74
    4. M. F. McKneally, S. D. Cassivi, H. Troidl
      Pages 75-81
    5. P. W. T. Pisters, K. J. Hoffman
      Pages 83-95
    6. M. F. McKneally, J. A. Bennett
      Pages 97-104
    7. B. A. Pruitt Jr., A. D. Mason Jr.
      Pages 105-109
    8. A. V. Pollock, M. Evans
      Pages 111-117
    9. M. Rothmund, D. Bartsch, W. Lorenz
      Pages 119-126
    10. B. Lewerich, D. Götze
      Pages 127-129
    11. R. Lefering, E. A. M. Neugebauer
      Pages 131-136
  4. Speaking and Listening

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 145-145
    2. A. V. Pollock, M. E. Evans
      Pages 147-150
    3. A. S. Wechsler
      Pages 151-152
    4. J. Alexander-Williams
      Pages 153-158
    5. K. McGovern, L. McGovern
      Pages 159-166
    6. H. Troidl, A. S. Wechsler
      Pages 167-170
    7. M. F. McKneally, B. McPeek, D. S. Mulder, W. O. Spitzer, H. Troidl
      Pages 171-179
    8. A. Fingerhut, J. Perisat
      Pages 181-188
  5. Design and Methods

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 189-189
    2. B. McPeek, H. Troidl, M. F. McKneally
      Pages 191-196
    3. M. F. McKneally, B. McPeek, F. Mosteller, E. A. M. Neugebauer
      Pages 197-209
    4. R. G. Pollock, C. M. Balch, E. C. Holmes
      Pages 211-222
    5. W. O. Spitzer, S. M. Horwitz
      Pages 223-234
    6. D. K. Martin, M. F. McKneally
      Pages 235-241
    7. S. A. Marion, M. T. Schechter
      Pages 243-256
    8. M. T. Schechter
      Pages 257-269
    9. M. E. Charlson, N. A. Johanson, P. G. Williams
      Pages 271-281
    10. E. Eypasch
      Pages 283-292
    11. A. Paul, B. Bouillon
      Pages 293-301
    12. H. Troidl, A. S. Wechsler, M. F. McKneally
      Pages 303-319
    13. E. A. M. Neugebauer, R. Lefering, B. McPeek, S. Wood-Dauphinée
      Pages 341-355
  6. Funding

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 361-361
    2. R. E. Pollock, C. M. Balch, J. Roth, B. McPeek, F. Mosteller
      Pages 363-365
    3. W. O. Spitzer
      Pages 367-372
    4. S. Keshavjee, S. Gallinger
      Pages 379-382
    5. R. E. Pollock, J. E. Niederhuber, C. M. Balch
      Pages 383-390

About this book


Surgical Research: Basic Principles and Clinical Practice, Third Edition is an excellent source book for the young surgical investigator as well as the senior investigator in surgery. It is divided into nine sections: The Surgeon as Investigator, Reading and Writing, Speaking and Listening, Design and Methods, Funding, Implementation, Analyzing Outcomes, Ethical Issues and Perspectives. The Third Edition has been updated and added to with 43 new chapters. This book is of special interest to those surgeons interested in doing research. However, it also has many very interesting chapters that would help all surgeons in approaching their practice in a more scientific way. With many of the foremost surgical investigators contributing, this book is an excellent collection of chapters covering the entire gamut of surgical research.


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  • M. F. McKneally
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  • D. S. Mulder
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  • A. S. Wechsler
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  • B. McPeek
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  • W. O. Spitzer
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