CNS Infections

A Clinical Approach

  • Juan Carlos García-Moncó

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Marian Gomez-Beldarrain, Juan Carlos García-Moncó
    Pages 1-16
  3. Virginia Pomar, Pere Domingo
    Pages 45-55
  4. José Luis Sánchez-Menoyo, Javier Ruiz-Ojeda
    Pages 57-79
  5. Sanjeev K. Handique, Mausumi Barthakur
    Pages 81-117
  6. Mansa Amul Munshi, Antonella Rella, Maurizio Del Poeta
    Pages 119-137
  7. Juan Carlos García-Moncó, Aida Rodriguez-Sainz
    Pages 139-161
  8. Oscar H. Del Brutto
    Pages 163-179
  9. Francisco Javier Carod-Artal
    Pages 181-210
  10. John J. Halperin, Juan Carlos García-Moncó
    Pages 211-226
  11. Juan C. Salazar
    Pages 227-247
  12. Germán Morís, Juan Carlos García-Moncó
    Pages 249-271
  13. Iñigo Corral, Carmen Quereda
    Pages 299-327
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 329-339

About this book


This clinically oriented book covers selected infections of the central nervous system which are of considerable current interest. Aspects that are less well documented, such as spinal cord infections, central nervous system infections in patients with cancer, tropical infections, healthcare-associated ventriculitis or meningitis, and immunological problems in the international traveler are also discussed, as these are all problems relevant to daily practice.


CNS Infections: A Clinical Approach is of value to the busy clinician; the neurological international community as well as all primary care doctors, internal medicine specialists, and residents who take care of patients with suspected neurological infections. 


bacterial CNS infection brain infection central nervous system infection fungal CNS infection parasitic CNS infection spinal cord infection viral CNS infection

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  • Juan Carlos García-Moncó
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  1. 1.Department of NeurologyHospital de Galdakao-UsansoloGaldacanoSpain

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