Diagnosis and Management of Marfan Syndrome

  • Anne H. Child

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  2. Anne H. Child
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  3. Anne H. Child
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  4. Anne H. Child
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  5. Yukiko Isekame, Sabiha Gati
    Pages 39-55
  6. Ee Ling Heng, Raad H. Mohiaddin
    Pages 73-99
  7. Pouya Youssefi, Marjan Jahangiri
    Pages 101-125
  8. Ruwan A. Weerakkody, Ulrich Rosendahl, Anthony L. Estrera, Hazim J. Safi, Nicholas J. Cheshire
    Pages 127-140
  9. Aman Chandra, David G. Charteris
    Pages 141-144
  10. Nanjundappa S. Harshavardhana, Mohammed H. H. Noordeen
    Pages 145-164
  11. Anne H. Child, Rodney Grahame
    Pages 165-167
  12. Rosemary J. Keer
    Pages 169-174
  13. Anne H. Child, Anita K. Simonds
    Pages 175-180
  14. Lucy N. Hyde
    Pages 181-183
  15. Anne H. Child, Joanna Rowntree
    Pages 185-187
  16. Benedict Scoones, Anne H. Child
    Pages 189-200
  17. Timothy L. Jones, Marios C. Papadopoulos
    Pages 201-217
  18. Corrine Jabs, Anne H. Child
    Pages 219-225
  19. Fiona Walker, Anne H. Child
    Pages 227-231
  20. Karen Sage
    Pages 245-262
  21. Bethan Davies, Anne H. Child
    Pages 263-271
  22. Ali Hasan, J. Poloniecki, Anne H. Child
    Pages 273-278
  23. Anne H. Child, Joanna Rowntree
    Pages 279-285
  24. Diane L. Rust
    Pages 287-299
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 301-314

About this book


The aim of this text is to provide a summary of the present day understanding of diagnosis, management, and best medical and surgical treatment of Marfan syndrome.  The authors cover lifelong problems, from birth to old age, in each affected system. 

Patients may initially be referred to any one of a number of specialists and although each doctor is likely to be familiar with a particular aspect of the syndrome, they are less likely to be familiar with its other features. The fact that the syndrome presents in many different ways may also hinder its recognition.

By making this information available, Diagnosis and Management of Marfan Syndrome aims to raise awareness of Marfan syndrome, and to promote best management aimed at prolonging lifespan and improving quality of life. This text has been written by a network of expert physicians who wish to share their hard-won knowledge, and is a useful tool for any clinician likely to encounter a patient with this condition.


Congenital heart disease Marfan Prenatal screening Diagnostics Management

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