Shoulder Arthroscopy

Principles and Practice

  • Giuseppe Milano
  • Andrea Grasso

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Basics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Enrico Bellato, Davide Blonna, Filippo Castoldi
      Pages 3-16
    3. Christopher S. Ahmad, Marc D. Dyrszka, Dennis H. Kwon
      Pages 17-30
    4. Umile Giuseppe Longo, Alessandra Berton, Nicola Maffulli, Vincenzo Denaro
      Pages 31-43
    5. Nicola Magarelli, Chiara Carducci, Claudia Dell’Atti
      Pages 45-57
    6. Michael O. Schär, Scott A. Rodeo
      Pages 59-72
    7. Gabriele Severini, Alessio Ricciardi, Angelo Cacchio
      Pages 73-82
  3. Principles of Shoulder Arthoscopy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 83-83
    2. Maristella F. Saccomanno, Silvia Careri, Giuseppe Milano
      Pages 85-98
    3. Matteo Salvatore, Carmine Latte, Andrea Grasso
      Pages 99-108
    4. Stefano Santoprete, Angelo Chierichini, Daniela Maria Micci
      Pages 109-117
    5. Andrea Grasso, Domenico A. Santagada, Matteo Salvatore
      Pages 119-126
    6. Antonio E. G. C. Cartucho
      Pages 127-133
    7. Sean G. Haslam, F. Alan Barber
      Pages 135-148
    8. Maristella F. Saccomanno, Matteo Bartoli, Giuseppe Milano
      Pages 149-160
    9. Jae-Chul Yoo, Young Eun Park
      Pages 161-169
  4. Major Shoulder Problems and Related Arthoscopic Procedures

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 171-171
    2. Patrick N. Siparsky, Dean C. Taylor
      Pages 173-180
    3. Mary K. Mulcahey, John W. McNeil II, Matthew T. Provencher
      Pages 181-199
    4. Yung Han, Seung-Ho Kim
      Pages 201-217
    5. Anthony A. Romeo, Benjamin Bruce
      Pages 219-227
    6. W. Ben Kibler, John E. Kuhn, Aaron D. Sciascia, Tim L. Uhl
      Pages 229-247
    7. John M. Tokish, Richard K. N. Ryu
      Pages 249-261
    8. Maristella F. Saccomanno, Silvia Careri, Matteo Bartoli, Giuseppe Milano
      Pages 263-275
    9. Rachel M. Frank, Jas Chahal, Nikhil N. Verma
      Pages 277-287
    10. Maristella F. Saccomanno, Matteo Salvatore, Andrea Grasso, Giuseppe Milano
      Pages 289-306
    11. Brandon D. Bushnell, Richard J. Borgatti Jr., Michael A. Terry, Jeffrey S. Abrams
      Pages 307-318
    12. Michael O’Malley, Knut Beitzel, Augustus D. Mazzocca
      Pages 319-327
    13. Ian K. Y. Lo
      Pages 329-341
    14. Carmine Latte, Matteo Salvatore, Paolo Avanzi, Andrea Grasso
      Pages 343-353
    15. Mustafa Karahan, Umut Akgun, Baris Kocaoglu
      Pages 355-363
    16. Matteo Salvatore, Carmine Latte, Giuseppe Milano, Andrea Grasso
      Pages 365-377
    17. Giovanni B. Vinanti, Daniele Scrimieri, Andrea Grasso
      Pages 379-387
    18. Donald W. Hohman, Thomas R. Duquin, John W. Sperling
      Pages 389-397
  5. Complex and Revision Procedures in Shoulder Arthroscopy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 399-399
    2. Alessandro Castagna, Raffaele Garofalo, Eugenio Cesari
      Pages 401-410
    3. Frank Martetschläger, James B. Ames, Peter J. Millett
      Pages 411-418
    4. Hiroyuki Sugaya
      Pages 419-427
    5. Michael J. O’Brien, Felix H. Savoie III
      Pages 429-439
    6. Ettore Taverna, Guido Garavaglia, Henri Ufenast
      Pages 441-449
    7. Laurent Lafosse, Vito Bongiorno, Daniel Grant Schwartz
      Pages 451-459
    8. Patrick J. Denard, Stephen S. Burkhart
      Pages 461-472
    9. Timothy A. Hartshorn, Josef K. Eichinger, Lewis L. Shi, Jon J. P. Warner
      Pages 473-483
    10. Brian D. Dierckman, Randy R. Clark, Joseph P. Burns, Stephen J. Snyder
      Pages 485-496
    11. Pietro Randelli, Vincenza Ragone, Paolo Cabitza
      Pages 497-502
    12. Enrico Gervasi, Alessandro Spicuzza
      Pages 503-514
    13. Werner Anderl, Brenda Laky, Philipp R. Heuberer
      Pages 515-524
    14. Stefan Greiner, Markus Scheibel
      Pages 525-537
    15. Frank Martetschläger, Sepp Braun, Andreas B. Imhoff
      Pages 539-547

About this book


This comprehensive and stunningly illustrated textbook covers the entire spectrum of shoulder disease and arthroscopic techniques. It reviews the anatomy and the biomechanics of the shoulder, basic arthroscopic procedures, advanced reconstructive surgeries, and an overview on shoulder pathologies with a special focus on surgical approach.

Shoulder Arthroscopy: Principles and Practice is a highly organized reference with all chapters following a standardized format: from detailed descriptions regarding epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical findings, imaging, indication for treatment up to a step-by-step description of current surgical techniques, including tips and tricks on how to avoid the most common mistakes and complications. There is also an entire section dedicated to the evaluation of outcome measurements. The tips and techniques presented in this book are based on the Editor and his Contributors’ individual experience. The book guides the orthopaedic resident and fellow who wants to focus on shoulder diseases, but it also represents a landmark reference for expert surgeons already involved in shoulder surgery.


Arthroscopy Orthopedics Rehabilitation Shoulder Sports Medicine

Editors and affiliations

  • Giuseppe Milano
    • 1
  • Andrea Grasso
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of OrthopaedicsCatholic University of RomeRomeItaly
  2. 2.Department of Orthopaedics and TraumatologyCasa di Cura Villa ValeriaRomeItaly

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