Laser Material Processing

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About this book


Lasers now play a major part in the processing of the disparate materials used in engineering and manufacturing. The range of procedures in which they are involved is ever increasing. With this growing prominence comes a need for clear and instructive textbooks to teach the next generation of laser users. The informal style of Laser Material Processing (3rd Edition) will guide you smoothly from the basics of laser physics to the detailed treatment of all the major materials processing techniques for which lasers are now essential.

- Helps you to understand how the laser works and to decide which laser is best for your purposes
- New chapters on bending and cleaning reflect the changes in the field since the last edition completing the range of practical knowledge about the processes possible with lasers already familiar to users of this well-known text. 
- Provides a firm grounding in the safety aspects of laser use. 
- Professor Steen's lively presentation is supported by a number of original cartoons by Patrick Wright and Noel Ford which will bring a smile to your face and ease the learning process.

Laser Material Processing (3rd Edition) will be of use as university or industrial course material for senior undergraduate, graduate and non-degree technical training in optoelectronics, laser processing and advanced manufacturing. Practising engineers and technicians in these areas will also find the book an authoritative source of information on the rapidly expanding use of industrial lasers in material processing.

"Written in a style that includes both technical detail and humor, Bill Steen's book on laser material processing is the standard by which others are judged. It is the text in my graduate-level course on the subject." C.E. Albright, The Ohio State University

"I have used two previous editions for my class. The third edition has included some of the more recent applications. It is easy to read and explanations are lucid. I expect it will receive wide acceptance in class rooms world wide." J. Mazumder, University of Michigan

"It is the great merit of this book to offer a compact survey on laser material processing. A useful and fascinating book, pleasant to read with many useful figures and examples of industrial applications. It is a textbook for advanced students in this field, but also a reference book for engineers." H. Weber, Technische Universität Berlin


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