Laser Material Processing

  • William M. Steen

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About this book


Laser Material Processing (2nd ed) by William M Steen is an updated and expanded version of the original which sold very well with reprints in 1994 and 1996. This new edition includes a whole extra chapter - Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacture - and updates other sections such as those dealing with types of industrial lasers and new applications, and recent developments in Surface Treatment and In-Process Sensing. It comprises some addtional 60-80 pages whilst retaining the value of the original edition. It provides the reader with an understanding of laser process mechanisms, methods of application, automation and In-Process Sensing and industrial potential. The use of Patrick Wright's humorous cartoons and the many diagrams and tables to illustrate points make it a very useful and lively reference guide for students at all stages. Since laser technology is a rapidly changing field this new updated and expanded version will be particularly topical.


Rapid Prototyping automation cutting laser mechanism

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