Up and Running with C++

  • JanĀ Graba

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About this book


Up and Running with C++ provides the reader with a quick guide to the fundamental concepts of object orientation and the implementation of those concepts in the C++ programming language. No prior knowledge of either C or C++ is assumed on the part of the reader, though it is assumed that the reader will be familiar with the basic programming concepts of sequence, selection and iteration. Starting from this rudimentary base, the reader is introduced to C++ programming features in a manner which avoids overly technical detail and which builds up his/her knowledge of C++ in a systematic and cohesive manner. Throughout the book, examples are used to illustrate the material and each chapter contains a series of programming exercises, with full working solutions provided at the end of the book. A very reader-friendly text introducing C++ and the basics of object orientation, this book will be a valuable guide for students and practitioners alike.


C programming language C++ programming C++ programming language Templates programming language selection

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