Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference, organised by the British Machine Vision Association 22–24 September 1992 Leeds

  • David Hogg
  • Roger Boyle
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. T. F. Cootes, C. J. Taylor, D. H. Cooper, J. Graham
    Pages 9-18
  3. David W. Murray, Paul A. Beardsley
    Pages 29-38
  4. Stephen Pollard, John Porrill
    Pages 39-48
  5. Sabine Demey, Andrew Zisserman, Paul Beardsley
    Pages 49-58
  6. D. Sinclair, A. Blake, S. Smith, C. Rothwell
    Pages 59-68
  7. T. N. Tan, K. D. Baker, G. D. Sullivan
    Pages 69-78
  8. J. A. Marchant
    Pages 89-98
  9. W. Richards, J. Feldman, A. Jepson
    Pages 99-108
  10. A. Tai, J. Kittler, M. Petrou, T. Windeatt
    Pages 109-118
  11. J. Matas, J. Kittler
    Pages 119-128
  12. José Santos-Victor, João Sentieiro
    Pages 129-138
  13. Stephen Smith
    Pages 139-148
  14. L. Du, G. D. Sullivan, K. D. Baker
    Pages 149-156
  15. N. W. Campbell, B. T. Thomas
    Pages 157-166
  16. Geoff A. W. West, Paul L. Rosin
    Pages 197-206
  17. Simon Brock-Gunn, Tim Ellis
    Pages 207-216
  18. L. Norton-Wayne, M. Bradshaw, A. J. Jewell
    Pages 217-226
  19. A. D. Calway, H. Knutsson, R. Wilson
    Pages 227-236
  20. K. Langley, D. J. Fleet, T. J. Atherton
    Pages 247-256
  21. M. Turner, J. Austin, N. Allinson, P. Thompson
    Pages 257-265
  22. T. F. Cootes, C. J. Taylor
    Pages 266-275
  23. A. Hill, T. F. Cootes, C. J. Taylor
    Pages 276-285
  24. Charles R. Wiles, M. R. B. Forshaw
    Pages 286-295
  25. D. R. Bailes, C. J. Taylor
    Pages 296-305
  26. Larry S. Shapiro, Han Wang, J. Michael Brady
    Pages 306-315
  27. N. A. Thacker, P. Courtney
    Pages 316-326
  28. D. Yang, J. Illingworth
    Pages 327-336
  29. Ingemar J. Cox, Sunita Hingorani, Bruce M. Maggs, Satish B. Rao
    Pages 337-346
  30. Zhengyou Zhang
    Pages 347-356
  31. Philip F. McLauchlan, Ian Reid, David W. Murray
    Pages 357-366
  32. Antônio Francisco
    Pages 367-376
  33. J. E. W. Mayhew, Y. Zheng, S. A. Billings
    Pages 377-386
  34. Paul Beardsley, David Murray
    Pages 416-425
  35. G. J. Ellwood, Y. Zheng, S. A. Billings, J. E. W. Mayhew, J. P. Frisby
    Pages 426-435
  36. K. Richards, G. D. Sullivan
    Pages 436-442
  37. Xu Li-Qun, David Young, David Hogg
    Pages 443-452
  38. K. C. Ng, R. D. Boyle
    Pages 472-480

About these proceedings


This book contains the 61 papers that were accepted for presenta­ tion at the 1992 British Machine Vision Conference. Together they provide a snapshot of current machine vision research throughout the UK in 24 different institutions. There are also several papers from vision groups in the rest of Europe, North America and Australia. At the start of the book is an invited paper from the first keynote speaker, Robert Haralick. The quality of papers submitted to the conference was very high and the programme committee had a hard task selecting around half for presentation at the meeting and inclusion in these proceedings. It is a positive feature of the annual BMV A conference that the entire process from the submission deadline through to the conference itself and publication of the proceedings is completed in under 5 months. My thanks to members of the programme committee for their essential contribution to the success of the conference and to Roger Boyle, Charlie Brown, Nick Efford and Sue Nemes for their excellent local organisation and administration of the conference at the University of Leeds.


3D algorithms cognition computer vision hidden markov model image analysis image processing knowledge machine vision neural networks object recognition pattern analysis pattern recognition perception robot

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