Rotordynamics ’92

Proceedings of the International Conference on Rotating Machine Dynamics Hotel des Bains, Venice, 28–30 April 1992

  • Michael J. Goodwin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Keynote Paper Session

    1. A. D. Dimarogonas
      Pages 1-10
  3. Balancing

    1. C. R. Knospe, R. R. Humphris, E. H. Maslen, P. E. Allaire
      Pages 19-26
  4. Torsion

    1. Hans L. Berger, Stefan T. Kulig
      Pages 27-34
    2. R. A. Driver, T. S. Wilkinson
      Pages 35-42
    3. S. Yanabe, A. Okada, N. Yamagishi
      Pages 43-50
  5. Cracked Structures

  6. Condition Monitoring I

    1. J. M. Krodkiewski, J. Ding, Z. A. Parszewski
      Pages 92-99
    2. A. Dimarogonas, A. Kollias
      Pages 100-106
  7. Stability

    1. L. K. Lim, M. J. Goodwin, P. J. Ogrodnik, M. P. Roach
      Pages 124-131
    2. D. K. Anand, J. A. Kirk, R. Zmood, E. Rodriquez
      Pages 132-139
  8. Seals

  9. Analytical Methods I

  10. Condition Monitoring II

  11. Geared Systems

  12. Analytical Methods II

  13. Bladed Systems

  14. Case Studies

    1. R. D. Neilson
      Pages 302-309
    2. G. L. Lapini, M. Zippo, A. Vallini, G. Diana, A. Collina
      Pages 310-318
    3. Huang Xiuzhu, Zhang Xueyan, Sun Daixia
      Pages 319-326
  15. Vibration Control

  16. Bearings I

  17. Fluid Effects

    1. R. Noguera, F. Massouh, R. Rey, S. Kouidri
      Pages 376-381
    2. B. Pizzigoni, E. Tanzi
      Pages 382-388

About these proceedings


Designers and operators of rotating machinery have to deal with the effects of machine vibration and wear. The increasing demands for quieter machine operation, longer machine life and a greater efficiency of operation have led to the use of sophisticated design aids. Research into rotating machinery is therefore of substantial and increasing importance. Rotordynamics '92 provides a record of some of the most recent research methods and results relating to the design and operation of rotating machinery. The conference is international in character and draws on research from a wide range of respected sources.


Motor Rotor Turbine condition monitoring design development dynamics elasticity finite element method fracture mechanics fuzzy mechanics stability torsion vibration

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  • Michael J. Goodwin
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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided EngineeringStaffordshire PolytechnicStaffordUK

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