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    Pages i-xiv
  2. D. J. Naismith
    Pages 1-26
  3. J. V. G. A. Durnin
    Pages 27-44
  4. M. E. J. Curzon
    Pages 57-75
  5. G. A. MacGregor
    Pages 77-92
  6. T. A. B. Sanders
    Pages 93-115
  7. D. A. T. Southgate
    Pages 117-141
  8. J. P. W. Rivers
    Pages 169-186
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 187-190

About this book


A Balanced Diet? is an attempt to answer the next question which consumers always ask when advised by their doctors or other health professionals, or the media, to eat one. What is it? Of course a balanced diet is a concept, and may be simply expressed as a diet which, over a period of time, provides all the dietary constituents which are required for healthy living, and which helps avoid disease states so far as these may be attributable to unhealthy eating. A group of leading nutritionists and doctors has attempted to describe in this book the guidelines for which such a diet may be devised. The authors have tried to face the many controversies and to resolve them, always with reference to evidence before mere belief. It is hoped that the reader will be better equipped after reading this book, whether he be doctor, paramedic, or plain, ordinary citizen, to confront the enormous body of material with which he is surrounded every day.


Diabetes Diabetes mellitus animals classification development epidemiology management metabolism nutrition obesity prevention treatment

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