Ultrastructure of the Small Intestinal Mucosa

Normal and Disease-Related Appearances

  • Margot Shiner

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About this book


This book represents the culmination of the major aspect of Dr. Margot Shiner's professional career. It was she who devised the technique of jejunal biopsy which opened up whole new fields of small intestinal research, including microbiology, immunology, histochemistry and histopathology, thus greatly expanding our knowledge of fundamental aspects of absorptive patho­ physiology. Later the application of electron microscopy demonstrated the individual cell with its mechanisms both for absorption and for the production of so many chemicals such as mucus, enzymes and hormones. Like the vision from the peak in Darian, it opened up new worlds. The contribution to our understanding of cell structure and function has been greater than the direct elucidation of specific diseases but nevertheless, there are pointers to different mechanisms which could have wide applications. It is a book which serves a double function: On the one hand it is highly technical and a publication for the super expert, recording new landmarks of knowledge and interpretation. On the other hand, it is a book which can indeed fire the imagination of the rising generation of gastroenterologists, paediatricians, pathologists and medical scientists. Having seen the emergence of the art and science of present-day gastro­ enterology within my professional lifetime and having been able to provide the facilities for her work in the very early days, it is with particular pleasure and pride that I write this foreword.


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