Tobacco: The Growing Epidemic

Proceedings of the Tenth World Conference on Tobacco or Health, 24–28 August 1997, Beijing, China

  • Rushan Lu
  • Judith Mackay
  • Shiru Niu
  • Richard Peto
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXVII
  2. The Global Epidemic

    1. The Growing Epidemic

      1. G. Yang, K. Becker, L. Fan, Y. Zhang, G. Qi, C. E. Taylor et al.
        Pages 5-10
      2. S.-R. Niu, G.-H. Yang, Z.-M. Chen, J.-L. Wang, G.-H. Wang, X.-Z. He et al.
        Pages 10-13
      3. A. J. Sasco
        Pages 14-17
    2. Studies on Tabacco Use: The Prevalence of Tabacco Use

      1. N. Yamaguchi, Y. Mochizuki-Kobayashi, S. Watanabe
        Pages 27-33
      2. C. N. H. Jenkins, P. X. Da, D. H. Ngoc, T. T. Hoang, H. V. Kinh, S. Bales et al.
        Pages 33-37
      3. C. Lam, A. Joao Maia
        Pages 37-39
      4. H. Habil
        Pages 39-40
      5. C. K. Gajalakshmi, V. Shanta, R. Peto
        Pages 40-41
      6. R. Thanhawla, R. Thanseia
        Pages 41-42
      7. M. Bonet Gorbea, G. Roche, N. Suarez Lugo, P. Varona Perez
        Pages 45-46
      8. M. Adrianza, T. Villamizar, B. López, N. Herrera
        Pages 47-49
      9. D. Méndez, K. E. Warner, P. N. Courant
        Pages 50-52
      10. V. Levshin, V. Drojachih, T. Fedichkina, N. Slepchenko
        Pages 53-54
      11. S. Urban, J. Luha
        Pages 55-56
      12. N. Bilir, A. Naci Yyldyz, B. Gügiz Do∂an, F. Kalyoncu
        Pages 57-58
      13. C. Otto, A. Lyman
        Pages 59-59
      14. E. G. Volkova, T. B. Karasikova, S. U. Levashov, G. B. Tkachenko, T. V. Kamardina, S. U. Pnomareva et al.
        Pages 62-63
    3. Studies on tobacco use: Mortality and morbidity due to tobacco use

    4. Studies on tobacco use: Tobacco and cancer

      1. D. M. Parkin, P. Pisani, E. Masuyer
        Pages 81-84
      2. Y.-T. Gao, J. Deng, Y.-B. Xiang, Z.-X. Ruan, Z.-X. Wang, B.-Y. Hu et al.
        Pages 90-94
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        Pages 98-100
      4. N. V. Co, H. L. Phat, D. K. Hung, T. K. Dung, N. V. Nhung
        Pages 102-103
      5. C.-J. Chen, M. W. Yu
        Pages 103-103
      6. A. N. Zubritsky
        Pages 103-104
      7. S. M. Khan, S. Nasreen, S. Zai
        Pages 104-104
      8. F. Sitas, H. R. O. Carrara, M. Patel, M. Hale, W. Bezwoda, P. Ruff et al.
        Pages 104-105
    5. Studies on tobacco use: Cardiovascular disease

    6. Experimental studies on effects of tobacco: Experimental animals

      1. L. M. Berstein, E. V. Tsyrlina, O. S. Kolesnik, O. G. Kijukova, S. V. Dzhumasultanova, V. B. Gamajunova
        Pages 123-125
      2. Y. Xiao, E. L. Meyer, R. A. Houghtling, J. M. Thompson, K. J. Kellar
        Pages 125-128
      3. A. Marszalek, W. Biczysko, M. Wasowicz, E. Florek
        Pages 129-130
    7. Experimental studies on effects of tobacco: Humans

About these proceedings


This book contains the full proceedings of the Tenth World Conference on Tobacco or Health, held 24-28 August 1997 in Beijing, China, and hosted by the Chinese Association on Smoking and Health and the Chinese Medical Association.
Tobacco is now causing a worldwide epidemic of premature death and disability, affecting first men and then women in developed countries, and now increasingly affecting developing countries. The theme "Tobacco: The Growing Epidemic" was chosen to reflect the increasingly global nature of the problem.


Tobacco Control Tobacco Studies cancer cardiovascular disease health promotion pharmacology research

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  • Rushan Lu
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  • Judith Mackay
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  • Shiru Niu
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  • Richard Peto
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  1. 1.Institute of Medical InformationChinese Academy of Medical SciencesBeijingChina
  2. 2.Asian Consultancy on Tobacco ControlKowloonHong Kong
  3. 3.Institute of Environmental Health and EngineeringXuan Wu District, BeijingChina
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