Radiologic Diagnosis of Chest Disease

  • Miriam Sperber

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Anatomy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
  3. Imaging of the Human Chest

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 29-29
    2. A. Simonds, S. Sperber, S. W. Clarke
      Pages 31-36
    3. D. Westra, M. Sperber
      Pages 37-55
    4. J. Andreu, J. Cáceres, M. López
      Pages 92-101
    5. C. Straus, J. Similowski, J.-P. Derenne, M. Zelter
      Pages 116-129
    6. N. Le Flour, S. Jouveshomme, J.-P. Derenne
      Pages 136-147
    7. N. D. Greyson
      Pages 148-158
  4. Diseases of the Lung and Related Structures

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 159-159
    2. N. Vasile, M. C. Anglade
      Pages 161-170
    3. P. L. Clouet, Y. Berthezene, B. Marchand, P. Nesme, J.-F. Mornex
      Pages 171-179
    4. T. Pirronti, R. Manfredi, P. Marano
      Pages 180-192
    5. J. P. Lynch III, E. A. Kazerooni
      Pages 193-220
    6. E. A. Kazerooni, K. R. Flaherty, F. J. Martinez
      Pages 221-235
    7. N. W. Schluger, G. Pearson
      Pages 236-253
    8. J. Collins
      Pages 254-266
    9. K. Nishimura, S. Oguri, H. Itoh
      Pages 267-282
    10. B. H. Gross, K. A. Buckwalter, D. L. Spizarny, M. Rebner, M. Sperber
      Pages 283-300
    11. G. Simonetti, G. Sergiacomi, A. Moscone, R. Cancellieri, L. Mancini
      Pages 301-315
    12. J. Nishi, S. Tomiguchi, M. Takahashi
      Pages 316-332
    13. R. Sheehan, M. B. Rubens
      Pages 333-346
    14. M. Pistolesi, F. Lavorini, G. A. Fontana, M. Mascalchi, E. N. C. Milne
      Pages 347-367
    15. D. A. Lynch
      Pages 368-381
    16. M. Sperber, K. McConnochie
      Pages 382-400
    17. M. K. Wood, S. G. Spiro
      Pages 424-440
    18. F. Laurent, V. Latrabe, M. Montaudon
      Pages 441-452
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      Pages 453-461
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      Pages 462-484
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      Pages 485-498
    22. A. R. Wright
      Pages 499-510
    23. K. Malagari, Ch. Roussos
      Pages 511-532
    24. R. D. Tarver, D. J. Conces Jr.
      Pages 533-548
    25. E. M. Marom, P. C. Goodman
      Pages 562-582
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 583-588

About this book


Prior to the virtual atomic explosion of medical knowledge, at a time when communica­ tion was very much slower, a medical book, to be authoritative and believable, had to be written by a very knowledgable, and, per force, usually quite senior person. The choice of texts was limited and tended to be dominated by a few "classic" (a phrase not quite synonymous with dogma). Following the information explosion, the scenario is quite different. Not only is there a geometric progression in the quantity and speed of devel­ opment of new medical knowledge, but also this development is occurring at very dif­ ferent rates in different countries. This is particularly true in medical imaging. The result is that it is now virtually impossible to produce a "single author" book that can cover the field or even a subdivi­ sion of it. This absolute requirement for multiple authors has in turn created the need for a new type of editor/author who must be multinational in approach, have a uniquely informed appreciation of what is going on in medical imaging research throughout the entire world and possess the depth of personal knowledge and experience to judge cor­ rectly what work is the most rigorous and likely to have the greatest impact.


Tumor biopsy carcinoma computed tomography (CT) diagnosis diagnostic imaging embolism immunology intensive care lung magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) oncology radiology trauma ultrasound

Editors and affiliations

  • Miriam Sperber
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Vall d’Hebron HospitalUniversitat AutonomaBarcelonaSpain

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