The Mathematics of Surfaces IX

Proceedings of the Ninth IMA Conference on the Mathematics of Surfaces

  • Roberto Cipolla
  • Ralph Martin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Péter Csákány, Andrew M. Wallace
    Pages 19-33
  3. Jörg Peters, Georg Umlauf
    Pages 59-69
  4. Myung-Soo Kim, Gershon Elber
    Pages 82-98
  5. Xavier Tricoche, Gerik Scheuermann, Hans Hagen
    Pages 99-113
  6. Ian R. Porteous, Mike J. Puddephat
    Pages 114-125
  7. Taejung Kim, Sanjay E. Sarma
    Pages 126-143
  8. Anthony Lasenby, Joan Lasenby
    Pages 144-168
  9. Hassan Ugail, Michael Robinson, Malcolm I. G. Bloor, Michael J. Wilson
    Pages 169-179
  10. Jan Koenderink, Andrea van Doorn, Astrid Kappers
    Pages 180-193
  11. Eraldo Ribeiro, Edwin R Hancock
    Pages 194-213
  12. Kwan-Yee K. Wong, Paulo R. S. Mendonça, Roberto Cipolla
    Pages 214-226
  13. R. Boudjemaa, M. I. G. Bloor, M. J. Wilson
    Pages 281-305
  14. Salvatore Miranda, Claudio Pensa, Fabrizio Sessa
    Pages 338-347
  15. Rida T. Farouki, Hwan Pyo Moon
    Pages 348-371
  16. Kenji Ueda
    Pages 372-388
  17. Nicholas M. Patrikalakis, Takis Sakkalis, Guoling Shen
    Pages 389-409
  18. Irina Voiculescu, Jakob Berchtold, Adrian Bowyer, Ralph R. Martin, Qijiang Zhang
    Pages 410-423
  19. Helmut Pottmann, Martin Peternell
    Pages 438-458
  20. C. J. Evans, M. I. G. Bloor, M. J. Wilson
    Pages 459-469

About these proceedings


These proceedings collect the papers accepted for presentation at the bien­ nial IMA Conference on the Mathematics of Surfaces, held in the University of Cambridge, 4-7 September 2000. While there are many international con­ ferences in this fruitful borderland of mathematics, computer graphics and engineering, this is the oldest, the most frequent and the only one to concen­ trate on surfaces. Contributors to this volume come from twelve different countries in Eu­ rope, North America and Asia. Their contributions reflect the wide diversity of present-day applications which include modelling parts of the human body for medical purposes as well as the production of cars, aircraft and engineer­ ing components. Some applications involve design or construction of surfaces by interpolating or approximating data given at points or on curves. Others consider the problem of 'reverse engineering'-giving a mathematical descrip­ tion of an already constructed object. We are particularly grateful to Pamela Bye (at the Institue of Mathemat­ ics and its Applications) for help in making arrangements; Stephanie Harding and Karen Barker (at Springer Verlag, London) for publishing this volume and to Kwan-Yee Kenneth Wong (Cambridge) for his heroic help with com­ piling the proceedings and for dealing with numerous technicalities arising from large and numerous computer files. Following this Preface is a listing of the programme committee who with the help of their colleagues did much work in refereeing the papers for these proceedings.


Computational Mathematics Mathematics for Engineers Mean curvature Textur calculus curvature geographic information systems geometry medical imaging modeling optimization visualization

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