Further Algebra and Applications

  • P. M. Cohn

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About this book


Further Algebra and Applications is the second volume of a new and revised edition of P.M. Cohn's classic three-volume text "Algebra" which is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding introductory algebra textbooks. For this edition, the text has been reworked and updated into two self-contained, companion volumes, covering advanced topics in algebra for second- and third-year undergraduate and postgraduate research students.
The first volume, "Basic Algebra", covers the important results of algebra; this companion volume focuses on the applications and covers the more advanced parts of topics such as:
- groups and algebras
- homological algebra
- universal algebra
- general ring theory
- representations of finite groups
- coding theory
- languages and automata
The author gives a clear account, supported by worked examples, with full proofs. There are numerous exercises with occasional hints, and some historical remarks.


Algebra Group theory Homological algebra PI-rings Representation theory Skew fields Universal algebra ring theory

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