TH17 Cells in Health and Disease

  • Shuiping Jiang

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. The Immunology of IL-17 Family and TH17 Cells

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Amit Awasthi, Vijay K. Kuchroo
      Pages 3-25
    3. Pornpimon Angkasekwinai, Chen Dong
      Pages 27-40
    4. Samuel Huber, Enric Esplugues, Richard A. Flavell
      Pages 41-45
    5. Akihiro Kimura, Tetsuji Naka, Tadamitsu Kishimoto
      Pages 47-62
    6. J. Magarian Blander
      Pages 63-105
    7. Stephen J. Lalor, Caroline E. Sutton, Kingston H. G. Mills
      Pages 107-127
    8. Mark S. Sundrud, Sergei Koralov
      Pages 129-155
    9. Xiang-Ping Yang, John J. O’Shea, Kamran Ghoreschi, Arian Laurence
      Pages 157-182
    10. Michael Tsang, Sarah L. Gaffen
      Pages 183-201
    11. Eleftherios I. Agorogiannis, Stephen P. Cobbold, Herman Waldmann
      Pages 217-228
  3. TH17 Cells in Health and Disease

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229
    2. Francesco Annunziato, Lorenzo Cosmi, Francesco Liotta, Enrico Maggi, Sergio Romagnani
      Pages 231-242
    3. Jay K. Kolls, Shabaana A. Khader
      Pages 243-256
    4. Giovanni Monteleone, Massimiliano Sarra, Francesco Pallone, Thomas T. MacDonald
      Pages 257-267
    5. Harumichi Ishigame, Susumu Nakae, Yoichiro Iwakura
      Pages 269-297
    6. Teresa Zelante, Antonella De Luca, Luigina Romani
      Pages 299-317
    7. Julia Tsang, Ling Lu, Shuiping Jiang
      Pages 319-339
    8. Jonathan S. Serody, Timothy P. Moran, Bruce R. Blazar
      Pages 341-365
    9. Xuebin Liu, Stewart Leung, Lei Fang, Xi Chen, Taylor Guo, Jingwu Zhang
      Pages 367-389
    10. José C. Crispín, Vasileios C. Kyttaris, George C. Tsokos
      Pages 391-400
    11. Agnès Doreau-Bastid, Jeremy Bastid, Alexandre Belot, Jean-François Eliaou, Nathalie Bonnefoy-Berard
      Pages 401-410
    12. Kristine E. Nograles, Batya Davidovici, James G. Krueger
      Pages 463-480
    13. Cailin Moira Wilke, Weiping Zou
      Pages 481-496
    14. Dale T. Umetsu, Rosemarie H. DeKruyff
      Pages 497-512
    15. Rebecca L. O’Brien, Philip L. Simonian, Yafei Huang, Christina L. Roark, Niyun Jin, M. Kemal Aydintug et al.
      Pages 513-524
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 525-536

About this book


“About 25 years ago, Mosmann & Coffman introduced the TH1 / TH2 paradigm of T helper cell differentiation which helped explain many aspects of adaptive immunity from eliminating intracellular versus extracellular pathogens to induction of different types of tissue inflammation.


However, TH1 / TH2 paradigm could not adequately explain development of certain inflammatory responses which provided impetus for the discovery of a new subset of T cells called TH17 cells. After the discovery of differentiation and transcription factors for TH17 cells, it was clear that TH17 cells represent an independent subset of T cells with specific functions in eliminating certain extracellular pathogens, presumably not adequately handled by TH1 or TH2 cells. The major role of TH17 cells has been described in inducing auto-immune tissue inflammation.


The discovery of TH17 cells has expanded the TH1 / TH2 paradigm, and the integration of TH17 cells with TH1 and TH2 effector T cells is beginning to explain the underlying mechanisms of tissue inflammation in a number of infections and auto-immune disease settings.”


- From Chapter One by Vijay K. Kuchroo, Harvard University, USA




“The recently identified Interleukin 17 (IL-17) cytokine family contributes to immunity to infectious diseases and chronic inflammatory diseases. Further studies on the regulation and function of this important cytokine family may provide better understanding on the roles of the IL-17 family in immune-mediated diseases; such knowledge may lead to the development of immunotherapeutic strategies for treatment of several inflammatory diseases.”


- From Chapter Two by Chen Dong, University of Texas and MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

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