The Dynamics of Heat

A Unified Approach to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

  • Hans U. Fuchs

Part of the Graduate Texts in Physics book series (GTP)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Processes, Energy, and Dynamical Models

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 15-15
    2. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 17-50
    3. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 51-72
    4. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 73-96
  3. Thermal and Chemical Processes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 97-97
    2. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 99-188
    3. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 189-248
    4. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 249-330
    5. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 331-380
    6. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 381-426
    7. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 427-454
  4. A Dynamical Theory of Heat

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 455-455
    2. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 457-474
    3. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 475-508
    4. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 509-532
  5. Special Processes and Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 533-533
    2. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 535-566
    3. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 567-602
    4. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 603-650
    5. Hans U. Fuchs
      Pages 651-678
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 679-734

About this book


Based on courses for students of science, engineering, and systems science at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences at Winterthur, this text approaches the fundamentals of thermodynamics from the point of view of continuum physics. By describing physical processes in terms of the flow and balance of physical quantities, the author achieves a unified approach to hydraulics, electricity, mechanics and thermodynamics. In this way, it becomes clear that entropy is the fundamental property that is transported in thermal processes (i.e., heat), and that temperature is the corresponding potential. The resulting theory of the creation, flow, and balance of entropy provides the foundation of a dynamical theory of heat.

This extensively revised and updated second edition includes new material on dynamical chemical processes, thermoelectricity, and explicit dynamical modeling of thermal and chemical processes. To make the book more useful for courses on thermodynamics and physical chemistry at different levels, coverage of topics is divided into introductory and more advanced and formal treatments. Previous knowledge of thermodynamics is not required, but the reader should be familiar with basic electricity, mechanics, and chemistry and should have some knowledge of elementary calculus. The special feature of the first edition – the integration of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and chemical processes – has been maintained and strengthened.

Key Features:

  • Presents a unified approach to thermodynamics and heat transport in fundamental physical and chemical processes
  • First revised edition of a successful text/reference in fourteen years
  • More than 25 percent new material
  • Provides worked examples, questions, and problem sets for use as a teaching text or for self testing
  • Includes many system dynamics models of laboratory experiments


Experiment dynamical theory of heat entropy heat transfer modeling modeling of thermal and chemical processes thermodynamics

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  • Hans U. Fuchs
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  1. 1.Zurich University of Applied Sciences atWinterthurSwitzerland

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