The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life

  • Arthur N. Popper
  • Anthony Hawkins
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 730)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxviii
  2. Introduction

  3. Sound Detection by Aquatic Animals

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 15-15
    2. Carolyn E. Schlundt, James J. Finneran
      Pages 33-36
    3. Paul E. Nachtigall, Alexander Y. Supin, Marlee Breese
      Pages 49-51
    4. Alexander Y. Supin
      Pages 53-56
    5. Andrew Tubelli, Aleks Zosuls, Darlene Ketten, David C. Mountain
      Pages 57-59
    6. Aleks Zosuls, Seth O. Newburg, Darlene R. Ketten, David C. Mountain
      Pages 61-63
    7. Petr Krysl, Vanessa Trijoulet, Ted W. Cranford
      Pages 65-68
    8. Jason Mulsow, Colleen Reichmuth, Dorian Houser, James J. Finneran
      Pages 73-76
    9. Robert J. Dooling, Sara C. Therrien
      Pages 77-82
    10. Wendy E. Dow Piniak, David A. Mann, Scott A. Eckert, Craig A. Harms
      Pages 83-87
    11. Ashley L. Lavender, Soraya M. Bartol, Ian K. Bartol
      Pages 89-92
    12. Brandon M. Casper, Michele B. Halvorsen, Arthur N. Popper
      Pages 93-97
    13. Peter H. Rogers, James S. Martin, John R. Bogle
      Pages 101-104
    14. Carl R. Schilt, Ted W. Cranford, Petr Krysl, Robert E. Shadwick, Anthony D. Hawkins
      Pages 105-107
    15. Marta Bolgan, Silvia S. Pedroso, Raquel O. Vasconcelos, Joana M. Jordão, M. Clara P. Amorim, Paulo J. Fonseca
      Pages 109-111
    16. Silvia S. Pedroso, Marta Bolgan, Joana M. Jordão, Paulo J. Fonseca, M. Clara P. Amorim
      Pages 113-115
    17. Rikke Agner Jørgensen, Christian Brandt, Magnus Wahlberg, Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard
      Pages 117-119
    18. Adrian T. Klein, Horst Bleckmann
      Pages 121-123
    19. T. Aran Mooney, Roger Hanlon, Peter T. Madsen, Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard, Darlene R. Ketten, Paul E. Nachtigall
      Pages 125-128
    20. Richard R. Fay
      Pages 129-134
    21. Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa, Gail Scowcroft, James H. Miller, Darlene Ketten
      Pages 135-138
  4. Sound Production by Aquatic Animals

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 139-139
    2. Lisa S. Hoffmann, Elton Ferlin, Pedro F. Fruet, Rodrigo C. Genovês, Fernanda P. Valdez, Juliana Di Tullio et al.
      Pages 141-144
    3. Antonio Codarin, Marta Picciulin, Linda Sebastianutto, Giuliana Calcagno, Maurizio Spoto, Enrico A. Ferrero
      Pages 161-164
    4. Erica R. Staaterman, Christopher W. Clark, Austin J. Gallagher, Thomas Claverie, Maya S. de Vries, Sheila N. Patek
      Pages 165-168
    5. Cecilia S. Krahforst, John P. Walsh, Mark W. Sprague, Devon O. Eulie, D. Reide Corbett, Joseph J. Luczkovich
      Pages 169-171
    6. Andreia Ramos, M. Clara P. Amorim, Paulo J. Fonseca
      Pages 173-175
    7. Rodney A. Rountree, Francis Juanes, Clifford A. Goudey, Kenneth E. Ekstrom
      Pages 181-183
    8. Rodney Coates, Gillian A. Coates, Rachel Porter, Andrew Davies, Dylan Evans
      Pages 185-188
  5. Physiological Effects of Sounds

About these proceedings


The Second International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life will take place in Ireland August 15-20, 2010. The main emphasis of the conference will be on defining the current state of knowledge. However, we will also assess progress in the three years since the First conference. The Second conference will place strong emphasis on recent research results, the sharing of ideas, discussion of experimental approaches, and analysis of regulatory issues.

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