A Visual Astronomer's Photographic Guide to the Deep Sky

A Pocket Field Guide

  • Stefan Rumistrzewicz

Part of the Astronomer's Pocket Field Guide book series (ASTROPOC)

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About this book


How many times have you ‘found’ a deep sky object (DSO), ticked it off the list, and moved on, or used the ‘Tour’ function on your GO-TO ‘scope and said, ‘Oh that’s a just a smudge’ or ‘Can’t see it – I’ll move on to the next one.’ If this has happened to you, then this book is for you. It will challenge you to go back to the ‘smudge’ and really look. Can you see the faint wisp or the detail in the southeastern corner? Can you see the small cluster within the cluster? Try to classify the open cluster for yourself. Compare it to the ‘accepted’ Trumpler classification. Whether you have a GO-TO ‘scope or not, this book gets you to rediscover one of the great things that got you into this hobby in the first place – looking through the eyepiece of a telescope. So pack away the DSLR, CCD camera, the guide ‘scope, and laptop and open your pencil case! You’re in for some fun!


Amateur observing activities CCD Deep sky observing Deep sky visual astronomy guide Observing galaxies and nebulae Stars and galaxies Understanding deep sky objects Visual optical astronomy deepsky eyepiece images

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