Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Brandon Larkin
    Pages 1-7
  3. Devin P. McFadden, Peter H. Seidenberg
    Pages 9-36
  4. Per Gunnar Brolinson, Mark Rogers
    Pages 37-69
  5. Jimmy D. Bowen, Gerry Salter
    Pages 71-86
  6. Donald J. Flemming, Eric A. Walker
    Pages 87-113
  7. Peter H. Seidenberg
    Pages 115-147
  8. Christopher S. Nasin, Marjorie C. Nasin
    Pages 149-170
  9. Rochelle M. Nolte
    Pages 171-186
  10. Dorianne R. Feldman, Marlís González-Fernández, Aarti A. Singla, Brian J. Krabak, Sandeep Singh
    Pages 187-205
  11. Gerard A. Malanga, Steve M. Aydin
    Pages 207-232
  12. Charles W. Webb, Jayson Cannon
    Pages 233-262
  13. Scott A. Magnes, Lance Ringhausen, Peter H. Seidenberg
    Pages 263-270
  14. Michael D. Osborne, Tariq M. Awan
    Pages 271-295
  15. Heather M. Gillespie, William W. Dexter
    Pages 297-315
  16. Carl Wierks, John H. Wilckens
    Pages 317-335
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 337-348

About this book


The Hip and Pelvis in Sports Medicine and Primary Care is an invaluable resource for improving the management of hip and pelvis injuries and presents a spectrum of treatment options. Differential diagnosis is emphasized throughout the chapters, and evidence-based guidelines and sport-specific considerations aid the reader with injury evaluation and care. From fundamentals--including epidemiology, history and physical examination--to functional therapeutic interventions and injection techniques, this concise handbook is ideal for sports medicine physicians, primary care physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers alike.


Core Physiatry Primary Care care diagnosis hip management medicine osteoarthritis physical therapy sports medicine therapy treatment

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