Hippocampal Microcircuits

A Computational Modeler’s Resource Book

  • Vassilis Cutsuridis
  • Bruce Graham
  • Stuart Cobb
  • Imre Vida

Part of the Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience book series (NEUROSCI, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Experimental Background

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-3
    2. Menno P. Witter
      Pages 5-26
    3. Imre Vida
      Pages 27-67
    4. Marlene Bartos, Jonas-Frederic Sauer, Imre Vida, Ákos Kulik
      Pages 129-161
    5. Stuart Cobb, J. Josh Lawrence
      Pages 187-246
    6. Tengis Gloveli, Nancy Kopell, Tamar Dugladze
      Pages 247-276
    7. Stuart Cobb, Imre Vida
      Pages 277-291
  3. Computational Analysis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 313-316
    2. Panayiota Poirazi, Eleftheria-Kyriaki Pissadaki
      Pages 317-352
    3. Michele Migliore, Giorgio A. Ascoli, David B. Jaffe
      Pages 353-374
    4. Erik Fransén
      Pages 375-398
    5. Frances Skinner, Fernanda Saraga
      Pages 399-422
    6. N. Kopell, C. Börgers, D. Pervouchine, P. Malerba, A. Tort
      Pages 423-457
    7. Bruce P. Graham, Vassilis Cutsuridis, Russell Hunter
      Pages 459-494
    8. Robert J. Morgan, Ivan Soltesz
      Pages 495-525
    9. Péter Érdi, Tamás Kiss, Balázs Ujfalussy
      Pages 527-554
    10. Gastone C. Castellani, Isabella Zironi
      Pages 555-570
    11. Richard C. Gerkin, Guo-Qiang Bi, Jonathan E. Rubin
      Pages 571-591
    12. Padraig Gleeson, R. Angus Silver, Volker Steuber
      Pages 593-609
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 611-617

About this book


The hippocampus plays an indispensible role in the formation of new memories in the mammalian brain. It is the focus of intense research and our understanding of its physiology, anatomy, and molecular structure has rapidly expanded in recent years. Yet, still much needs to be done to decipher how hippocampal microcircuits are built and function. Here, we present an overview of our current knowledge and a snapshot of ongoing research into these microcircuits.

Rich in detail, Hippocampal Microcircuits: A Computational Modeler’s Resource Book provides focused and easily accessible reviews on various aspects of the theme. It is an unparalleled resource of information, including both data and techniques that will be an invaluable companion to all those wishing to develop computational models of hippocampal neurons and neuronal networks.

The book is divided into two main parts. In the first part, leading experimental neuroscientists discuss data on the electrophysiological, neuroanatomical, and molecular characteristics of hippocampal circuits. The various types of excitatory and inhibitory neurons are reviewed along with their connectivity and synaptic properties. Single cell and ensemble activity patterns are presented from in vitro models, as well as anesthetized and freely moving animals. In the second part, computational neuroscientists describe models of hippocampal microcircuits at various levels of complexity, from single neurons to large-scale networks. Additionally, a chapter is devoted to simulation environments currently used by computational neuroscientists in developing their models.

In addition to providing concise reviews and a wealth of data, the chapters also identify central questions and unexplored areas that will define future research in computational neuroscience.

About the Editors:

Dr. Vassilis Cutsuridis is a Research Fellow in the Department of Computing Science and Mathematics at the University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. Dr. Bruce P. Graham is a Reader in Computing Science in the Department of Computing Science and Mathematics at the University of Stirling. Dr. Stuart Cobb and Dr. Imre Vida are Senior Lecturers in the Neuroscience and Molecular Pharmacology Department at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.


Cortex Radiologieinformationssystem anatomy behavior computational neuroscience declarative memories hippocampus microcircuits neurons physiology synaptic properties

Editors and affiliations

  • Vassilis Cutsuridis
    • 1
  • Bruce Graham
    • 1
  • Stuart Cobb
    • 2
  • Imre Vida
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Computing Science and MathematicsUniversity of StirlingStirlingUK
  2. 2.Neuroscience & Molecular Pharmacology, Faculty of Biomedical and Life SciencesUniversity of GlasgowGlasgowUK

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