Intelligent Freeway Transportation Systems

Functional Design

  • Robert L. Gordon

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About this book


Intelligent Freeway Transportation Systems: Functional Design focuses on the efficient use of resources in the design of ITS. The author discusses the principles of top down design starting with objectives and requirements, and provides guidance for the development and evaluation of functional design alternatives according to cost effectiveness principles. This book describes how transportation planning principles and traffic diversion principles relate to functional ITS device selections and equipment locations. Methodologies for translating objectives to functional device types are provided. Application factors to identify device deployment densities (e.g. number of detectors per mile) as a function of traffic conditions are provided, as are models for evaluating the benefits of design alternatives based on traffic conditions. Methodologies for the best placement of CCTV cameras and changeable message signs are discussed. Design guidance includes the following functions:

  • ITS measures for non-recurrent congestion that improve incident clearance time;

  • Strategies to provide incident information to motorists and their benefits;
  • How ITS deals with information to motorists to assist in reducing recurrent congestion;
  • Ramp metering strategies, their benefits and constraints;
  • Functional design of communications for ITS;
  • Transportation management center functions.


Methodologies for the evaluation of ITS benefits to compare alternative designs and assist in the selection of the best alternative are also provided.

Intelligent Freeway Transportation Systems: Functional Design is appropriate for engineers and decision makers engaged in the scoping and preliminary design of ITS as well as for university courses on this subject. P>


Motor communication design traffic transport planning

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