Pro Linux Embedded Systems

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    Pages 335-361
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    Pages 363-381
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    Pages 383-407
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 409-423

About this book


Today, Linux is included with nearly every embedded platform. Embedded developers can take a more modern route and spend more time tuning Linux and taking advantage of open source code to build more robust, feature-rich applications. While Gene Sally does not neglect porting Linux to new hardware, modern embedded hardware is more sophisticated than ever: most systems include the capabilities found on desktop systems. This book is written from the perspective of a user employing technologies and techniques typically reserved for desktop systems.

  • Modern guide for developing embedded Linux systems
  • Shows you how to work with existing Linux embedded system, while still teaching how to port Linux
  • Explains best practices from somebody who has done it before


Embedded Linux Kernel Linux Open Source embedded systems technology time

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