Dart for Absolute Beginners

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  • David Kopec

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxix
  2. David Kopec
    Pages 1-5
  3. David Kopec
    Pages 7-14
  4. David Kopec
    Pages 15-24
  5. David Kopec
    Pages 41-57
  6. David Kopec
    Pages 59-73
  7. David Kopec
    Pages 75-88
  8. David Kopec
    Pages 89-109
  9. David Kopec
    Pages 111-123
  10. David Kopec
    Pages 125-146
  11. David Kopec
    Pages 147-167
  12. David Kopec
    Pages 169-182
  13. David Kopec
    Pages 183-196
  14. David Kopec
    Pages 197-208
  15. David Kopec
    Pages 209-222
  16. David Kopec
    Pages 223-238
  17. David Kopec
    Pages 239-250
  18. David Kopec
    Pages 251-258
  19. David Kopec
    Pages 259-273
  20. David Kopec
    Pages 275-286
  21. David Kopec
    Pages 287-288
  22. David Kopec
    Pages 289-294
  23. Back Matter
    Pages 295-301

About this book


Dart for Absolute Beginners enables individuals with no background in programming to create their own web apps while learning the fundamentals of software development in a cutting edge language. Easily digested chapters, while comprehensive enough to explore the whole domain, are aimed at both hobbyists and professionals alike. The reader will not only gain an insight into Dart, but also the technologies behind the web. A firm foundation is laid for further programming studies.

Dart is a new, innovative language developed by Google which is poised to take the web by storm. For client side web app development, Dart has many advantages over JavaScript. These include but are not limited to: improved speed, enforcement of programmatic structure, and improved facilities for software reuse. Best of all, Dart is automatically converted to JavaScript so that it works with all web browsers. Dart is a fresh start, without the baggage of the last two decades of the web. Why start learning to program with yesterday’s technology?

  • Teaches you the fundamentals of programming and the technologies behind the web.
  • Utilizes the cutting edge, easy to learn, structured Dart programming language so that your first steps are pointed towards the future of web development.
  • No prior knowledge is required to begin developing your own web apps.

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