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About this book


Drupal 8 for Absolute Beginners is your definitive guide to starting from scratch with Drupal even if you have little web knowledge. This book teaches you the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP in relation to Drupal, so that you can begin to use this popular CMS with all of its features.

You will first learn how to set up and customize a basic blog using Drupal, one of the most powerful and popular content management systems available today. From there you will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, and apply this knowledge to create your own custom Drupal module. You will learn how to build, style, and add functionality to your own Drupal module from scratch. You will then use Drush to apply a theme to Drupal, customizing everything to your liking, before publishing your work to the world. The book also covers some more advanced topics that beginners often ask about, such as getting set up with Git and using source control, using MySQL to interact with a database, and a guide to getting up and running with Linux.

Rarely has all the knowledge required to start with Drupal been collated in one place as it is in Drupal 8 for Absolute Beginners. You need no prior knowledge of the web, only a desire to learn. The book is fully supported by video material on the author's website. Start your Drupal journey with this book today!

About the authors

James Barnett is an application architect and adjunct Professor in the Tech. Ops. & Information Management Division at Babson College. Besides teaching, his responsibilities include designing, coding, and releasing tools and websites for the college, working with Babson s leaders to keep Babson at the forefront of the technology space. In the last two years at Babson, James team has released the advanced discussion boards, the new Faculty Portal and Student Portal websites, as well as other important initiatives for Babson. James has brought Drupal Content Management System expertise to Babson a technology which accelerates development of cutting edge web platforms for community sites, web portals, and everything else the web can provide.James holds a Masters in Economics and Finance from Brandeis University, and as well a BA from Brandeis University. Past work experiences in the technology space include positions at: EMC, Fidelity, IDG, work as a consultant managing all the software technology needs of a startup out of Needham for over 3 years. As a technology consultant for many companies, he found success providing programming, database and information management, and system administration expertise.James areas of expertise include: PHP, MYSQL, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix/Linux, shell scripting, apache, JAVA, PERL, XSLT, JSON, XML, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, network operations skills, information management, load balancers, and front- and back-end web work.

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