Beginning Objective-C

  • Authors
  • James Dovey
  • Ash Furrow

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 1-22
  3. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 23-41
  4. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 43-74
  5. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 75-105
  6. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 107-157
  7. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 159-187
  8. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 189-224
  9. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 225-268
  10. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 269-351
  11. James Dovey, Ash Furrow
    Pages 353-369
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 371-381

About this book


Objective-C is today's fastest growing programming language, at least in part due to the popularity of Apple's Mac, iPhone and iPad. Beginning Objective-C is for you if you have some programming experience, but you're new to the Objective-C programming language and you want a modern—and fast—way forwards to your own coding projects.

Beginning Objective-C offers you a modern programmer's perspective on Objective-C courtesy of two of the best iOS and Mac developers in the field today, and gets you programming to the best of your ability in this important language.  It gets you rolling fast into the sound fundamentals and idioms of Objective-C on the Mac and iOS, in order to learn how best to construct your applications and libraries, making the best use of the tools it provides— no matter what projects you plan to build. The book offers thorough introductions to the core tenets of the language itself and its primary toolkits: the Foundation and AppKit frameworks. Within its pages you will encounter a mine of information on many topics, including use of the file system and network APIs, concurrency and multi-core programming, the user interface system architecture, data modeling, and more.

You'll soon find yourself building a fairly complex Objective-C based application, and mastering the language ready for your own projects.

If you're new to programming altogether, then Apress has other Objective-C books for you such as our Learning and Absolute Beginner titles—otherwise, let your existing skills ramp you fast forwards in Objective-C with Beginning Objective-C so that you can start building your own applications quickly.

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