Eliminating “Us and Them”

Using it Governance, Process, and Behavioral Management to Make it and the Business “One”

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About this book


Challenging popular notions of what it takes for IT organizations to succeed, IT governance evangelist at CA Technologies Steve Romero presents many of the theories and ideas around IT governance, the key components of successful process management, and behavioral management as key factors in IT's success.

The topic of IT governance has never been more popular than it is today. Almost every organization recognizes the need to establish sound IT governance, and almost every enterprise is still very immature when it comes to the discipline. This book challenges and calls into question the traditional approaches and strategies for running IT organizations. The concepts presented in the book are timeless, but reflect the recent changes in the organization's view of the role of the IT department. IT can become a major asset to an organization, often even becoming "the product" in today's Internet-based sales environment. Eliminating "Us and Them" discusses these changes and presents three areas that contribute most to the change from an alienated and oft-despised department to a key tool for organizational success:

  • An in-depth understanding of IT governance, which has never been more popular than it is today.  
  • An in-depth understanding of process and process management, a discipline that more and more enterprises are investing in and establishing formal organizational constructs to enable and support.
  • A case-study view of how an enterprise can establish, promote and instill the values that foster positive behaviors in every person in the organization, with the intent of influencing their ability to realize enterprise goals.  
Romero's insights are based on more than 30 years working in IT and over four years as an IT governance evangelist, traveling around the world, speaking at hundreds of events, and visiting more than 100 companies espousing the approach in this book.

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