Pro Business Applications with Silverlight 5

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    Pages 1-21
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    Pages 23-67
  4. Chris Anderson
    Pages 69-92
  5. Chris Anderson
    Pages 93-150
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    Pages 151-183
  7. Chris Anderson
    Pages 185-239
  8. Chris Anderson
    Pages 241-300
  9. Chris Anderson
    Pages 301-325
  10. Chris Anderson
    Pages 327-346
  11. Chris Anderson
    Pages 347-378
  12. Chris Anderson
    Pages 379-412
  13. Chris Anderson
    Pages 413-460
  14. Chris Anderson
    Pages 461-499
  15. Chris Anderson
    Pages 501-520
  16. Chris Anderson
    Pages 521-563
  17. Chris Anderson
    Pages 565-620
  18. Chris Anderson
    Pages 621-655
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 657-670

About this book


Silverlight 5 has the potential to revolutionize the way we build business applications. With its flexibility, web deployment, cross-platform capabilities, rich .NET language support on the client, rich user interface control set, small runtime, and more, it comes close to the perfect platform on which to build business applications. It’s a very powerful technology, and despite its youth, it’s moving forward at a rapid pace and is gaining widespread popularity.

This book guides you through the process of designing and developing enterprise-strength business applications in Silverlight 5 and C#. You'll learn how to take advantage of the power of Silverlight to develop rich and robust business applications—from getting started to deployment, and everything in between.

In particular, this book will serve developers who want to learn how to design business applications. It will introduce the patterns you'll use, the issues you’ll face, and how to resolve them. Author Chris Anderson, who has been building line-of-business applications for years, demonstrates his expertise through a candid presentation of how to tackle real-life issues, rather than just avoiding them. Developers will benefit from his hard-won expertise through business application design patterns that he shares throughout the book.

With this book in hand, you will:

  • Create a fully-functional business application in Silverlight
  • Discover how to satisfy the general requirements that most business applications need
  • Develop a business application framework

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