Gamers at Work

Stories Behind the Games People Play

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About this book


"Gamers at Work is a critical resource for new and experienced business leaders—for anyone who feels unprepared for the demanding and seemingly insurmountable trials ahead of them." —Peter Molyneux OBE, founder, Lionhead Studios

"Gamers at Work explores every imaginable subtlety of the video-game industry through the fascinating stories of those who took the risks and reaped the rewards." —Hal Halpin, president, Entertainment Consumers Association

"This is the sort of book that can tear the most hardcore gamers away from their PCs, Macs, or consoles for a few hours of rewarding reading." —North County Times

"Gamers at Work is truly an invaluable resource that's well worth adding to your personal library." —Wii Love It

There are few companies in the video-game industry that have withstood the test of time; most startups exit as quickly as they enter. In Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play, the countless challenges of building successful video-game developers and publishers in this unstable industry are explored through interviews containing entertaining stories, humorous anecdotes, and lessons learned the hard way.

Gamers at Work presents an inside look at how 18 industry leaders play the odds, seize opportunities, and transform small businesses into great businesses. Here, in Gamers at Work, you will find their stories replete with their personal struggles, corporate intrigue, and insights into strategy, leadership, and management.

Gamers at Work:

  • Explores the formation of entertainment software companies from the perspectives of successful founders who played the odds
  • Provides insight into why experienced professionals sacrifice the comfort of gainful employment for the uncertainty and risk of the startup
  • Shares the experiences and lessons that shape the lives, decisions, and struggles of entrepreneurs in this volatile business

As an added bonus, check out Online Game Pioneers at Work, published in 2015, for even more incredible stories from leaders in the mobile space.

    Featured Entrepreneurs:

    • Trip Hawkins, Electronic Arts (Madden NFL)
    • Nolan Bushnell, Atari (Pong)
    • Wild Bill Stealey, MicroProse Software (Sid Meier's Civilization)
    • Tony Goodman, Ensemble Studios (Age of Empires)
    • Feargus Urquhart, Obsidian Entertainment (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II)
    • Tim Cain, Troika Games (Arcanum, Vampire: the Masquerade—Bloodlines)
    • Warren Spector, Junction Point Studios (Disney Epic Mickey)
    • Doug & Gary Carlston, Broderbund Software (Prince of Persia, Carmen Sandiego)
    • Don Daglow, Stormfront Studios (Neverwinter Nights, Tony La Russa Baseball)
    • John Smedley, Verant Interactive (EverQuest, PlanetSide)
    • Ken Williams, Sierra On-Line (King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry)
    • Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants (Oddworld)
    • Chris Ulm, Appy Entertainment (FaceFighter, Trucks & Skulls)
    • Tobi Saulnier, 1st Playable (Kung Zhu, Yogi Bear)
    • Christopher Weaver, Bethesda Softworks (The Elder Scrolls)
    • Jason Rubin, Naughty Dog (Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted)
    • Ted Price, Insomniac Games (Spyro, Resistance)

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