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Pro iOS Table Views for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

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About this book


If you’re an iOS app developer, chances are you’ll be using table views in your development projects. Table views are the bread and butter of iOS apps. With them, you can create everything from the simplest of lists to fully tricked-out user interfaces. Table views are also one of the most complex components found in UIKit. While using them for boring standard user interfaces is quite simple, customizing them can become really challenging.

Pro iOS Table Views takes a task-oriented focus to assist you when implementing customized table views. Although it delves deeply into the Table View API, you can always decide in which level of detail you want to dive in. It’s aimed to be a great reference and customization cookbook at the same time, useful for beginners as well as intermediate developers.

  • Covers the entire Table View API in depth
  • Covers customization and performance topics in depth
  • Task-oriented reference with multiple levels of detail

Note: source code for this title is currently available for download at:

About the authors

Tim Duckett designs and builds software with tools such as Objective-C and Ruby on Rails. Having been online since the early 1990s, he s worked with all kinds of clients in all kinds of sectors. Along the way he picked up an MBA and is a certified project manager, but asks that you don t hold those against him. He lives in Sheffield in the UK with his family and far too many pets. In his spare time, he walks the dog, enjoys single malts, takes photos, and dismantles gadgets. You can find him online at, and on places including Twitter and GitHub as timd.

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